backtesting software using fundamental and technical data, US stocks


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I am trying to develop a discretionary/automated trading system which trades infrequently ~ 4 times a month. My main goal is to catch the big moves in stocks while trying to loose as little as possible.

So I am trying to understand what factors are a good indicator of large future growth in stock price.

I am looking for a backtesting software which will give me access to historical fundamental and technical data and then allow me to run tests on them.

I have read a lot of reviews of backtesting software of the following

Amibroker (cheap, fast, good programmability)
Tradestation(good community, easy programming language, relatively slow, crash prone)
Neoticker (very slow, has very complex capability)
Portfolio123(fundamenta probably data available)
Compustat(fundamenta probably data available)
Quotecenter (fundamenta probably data available)

Currently I am evaluating Canslim and want to backtest this strategy, atleast to the extant possible. Everything in canslim is not quantifiable, so not easy to completely backtest, but I want to know whether it is a good enough strategy to build upon.

However most of the above software is built based on analyzing price, volume data that is for technical analysis. Has anybody used any of the above software and can confirm that backtesting using fundamental data is available?

If none of these are good enough, could somebody give me an idea from where I can get historical fundamental data for long periods of time and how much it would cost? I am relatively good at programming, so I could use something like R and c# to analyze the data. Of course free data is always appreciated :)

Any advice would be welcome

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