Back in with BLM- RTK-RED-MSY

Bored with waiting for stability ( Can't see it ever returning ) volitility is here to stay for quite a while imho.
Stock selection is for the short term, make 5% - 20% in 5 days or less, but no more, stop loss @ 5% if i'm quick enough. If i had the nerve i'd short a few as well, but was not successful paper trading shorts, so, maybe not.

Railtrack has all the bad news in the price, after Virgin's 100m payout a recovery play.

Baltimore have done good deals lately and are the pick in their field, another recovery.

Redstone telecom with news to bolster its low price.

Misys are such a great play, are of my favorites, worth a punt after recent falls.

Please, always do your own research, never ever rely on others

Regards Col
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Hi Col
Agree with you on RTK. Someone from Barclays was discussing transport stocks on the BBC business news and made the point that the sector always does well in May. RTK was mentioned so i decided to take a look.
I sold BLM on FRi but i may have blundered again.
Watching MSY along with LOG but would like to see them drop a bit more first.
Good luck
RED what a bummer, not very successful with telcoms sold at a 7% loss. Holding on to BLM, bit of a gamble (news in the offing which will affect price) now a 3-4 month play. Keeping RTK and MSY + IMG in place of RED for a longer term. I like the positive (imho) feeling that is creeping back into the US- UK markets. Or, could sell them all tomorrow if they gain 10%, take the profit when its there is the big lesson i've learnt from this BB, and i do it automatically now, a hard lesson to put into practice, I was always so sure that there was another 10-20% there if i hung on a bit longer, odds were the gain just disappeared and i was left with nowt. Not so difficult to see once the lesson is learnt.
Depending wholly on TA indicators and charts, is the next big step to take, leaving all the emotion behind, i will get there in the end but its not easy.

Good luck to all

Hard luck with RED, it's impossible to win when news flow is blatantly misleading :-

The departure of finance director Alan Harrold less than two months after a top management reshuffle saw Redstone Telecom plunge 13p to 41.5p according to The Daily Telegraph. The Independent reports Redstone has admitted it has to raise money to fund expansion plans – having previously said it had plenty. Outlook in the paper adds that Redstone will have its work cut out to convince new investors to part with their cash.
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I agree with that sentiment Steve, one would expect the stock exchange to censure misleading info effecting prices, RED recovered 8.4% of its loss today, a good opportunity to get in at a really low price, as the fall was apparently overdone.