At first I was losing ...


I started out with a $1000 acct at Tradovate and did terribly. Closed the acct. Then I did some thinking about how it works.

I think it's all about risk management. Let the winners run and limit the losses with a stop that is never adjusted to give the trade more breathing room. That stop is only adjusted to preserve profits.

I'm now trading at Ameritrade with a lot more capital to back my positions. I'm doing better than I ever hoped.
You never adjust your stop loss?
Not even for volatility and/or different market conditions?

I always adjust mine for losses. It's an ole school method
but still works. For a loss I adjust stoploss to 1/2 of
current risk.

Example: If I'm trading 2% risk per trade,
after a loss I change it to 1%

If I lose again, I follow the same procedure.

This method keeps my risk tight for
the inevitable losing streaks that we
all experience.

Risk protocol stays there until I return to break-even.

It's a grind, but worth protecting the most
important element.:)