Are the markets Male or Female

Are the markets Male or Female

  • Male

    Votes: 16 15.7%
  • Female

    Votes: 44 43.1%
  • Neither

    Votes: 16 15.7%
  • Don't know / Don't care

    Votes: 26 25.5%

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Hi all

With out this turning into a Men vs Women thread, I would like to know your views on whether the markets are male or female? I often wonder if I should be saying "come on baby" or "come on mate"

The case for the markets being Male:

  • No matter how much you talk to them, they just don't listen
  • Just when you need them to be strong, they turn weak
  • They're not reliable
  • They can only do one thing at a time
The case for the markets being Female:
  • You think you have them figured, then they change completely
  • They constantly break your heart
  • They're always RIGHT!!!!

Thanks goes to Helenqu and Austin_clone for helping me come up with points for both sides of the argument :)
Definately Female!!

they show u a bit of what u want then skin u alive ....................
Treat her with respect and you can keep on coming back for more and more.
And that's the way it should be.

Praying Mantis....treat her incorrectly, make one false move, and she bites your head off.

Definitely female, then again ...

Its definitely female, if you read one of Skims post at:

Then again, that thread does seem to mention several degrees of madness by several users :!: :!: :!: . So maybe it is not male or female but the domain of the mad.

I know someone who has supported IT systems on a trading floor. Her comment was that you had to be manic to work in that environment, so ...
The market treats you men like a woman does. Showing you enough to entice you without ever totally revealing itself until the opportunity has passed. Then it could be too late, unless your her dream man.
So true Mags_g.

If you can spend the time listening to what she's telling you, you'll also save yourself a lot of grief. She's also very predictable.

Everyone looks, but very few people actually 'see' what the market is showing you.
Of course it is male, the vast majority of traders are male.
The market is untrustworthy and not to be relied upon to keep performing and it jumps from one thing to another without caring about your feelings and what you are doing.

mrkts r female imho just coz they don't like the blokes who miss a good entry and start chasing them :)

Female - they always have a TREND.
Male - Just when you think he penetrates, he just touches it and fall back...
Female, very fickle, with out a doubt, you love them but dont know why. The market will love you back but then suddenly change and you wont know why.
I think female because the market is hard to figure out....just like women...when you think you got them fooled, it's just the opposite...that is why they are the opposite sex.
FX trading is men's business. Don't misunderstand me, dear ladies. The reason is that women are more sensitive and emotional in general while trading doesn't suffer emotions. You need to be cool minded and control your feelings when trading. That's why it fits males more than females.
This is an old thread isn't it.

I guess what we're trying to decide here is whether the market is predominantly a bitch or a bast*ard.

I have had both bitch and basta*rd moments with the market and , since I am still financially intact despite a few setbacks along the way, I would say that for me the market is more of a bitch than a real out and out basta*rd.

So, female it is.