Anyone Tried Digital Options?

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Hi Paul,

The bets are essentially all or nothing bets. I risk up to 20 euro each bet up to six times per day. Some days I don't bet at all because no signals or not able to watch the markets.

My bank is slowly getting bigger and my bets have increased accordingly. A good day with four wins picks me up about 60 euro but normally I get only a few bets on with returns 30 - 40 euro. Small stuff for many of you but quite happy for me whilst I am at work!

The proceeds I receive increases my bet size but also am using to spreadbet using the methodology from the workbook which I have also found excellent. It is a longer term trading system and but it works. I just find it a little slow for my tastes so need the 'fix' of daytrading to break up the workday. I also need the instant returns to build my spreadbetting bank as quickly as I can.


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Hi Carnivore,

Having looked at the Betomarkets website I have to say that I am somewhat confused. Why would a bookie sell you a system that allows you to win money from them ?

Any ideas as to how the go about hedging their bets ?



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they hedge near the end of the day, normally, unless if their greeks get wildly out of line making them have to hedge sooner. they will workout the overall position of all their clients in each market and then use futures, typically the index, to take on a counter position.
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