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As a matter of interest, has anyone ever taken the courses run by the chap who runs this website:

Learn To Trade Futures - Introducing this website

I should say that I have absolutely no intention of taking his course (which is quite expensive (£5,000)), although I should think he is genuine enough, and interests me somewhat.

I don't particularly envy him his lifestyle or his trading style, but of course, financial independence, and the ability to choose to live in a beautiful location is nice.

I'd just be interested in hearing from anyone who has actually taken one of his courses, which I think only run now and again.

This is from his Q&A page, which people might find interesting:

Duncan Robertson said:
Q Why do you want to teach people how to trade?
A I like to teach people from time to time when it suits me. I have no prior experience as a teacher. I was hauled into this teaching stuff, but amazingly I am told that I am very good at getting my message across. Others may be good traders but somehow they just don't seem to have what it takes to get the stuff over to others in a way the listeners can comprehend. It could be that I am a wee bit charismatic, anyhow - all I can tell you is that my students tell me I am good at explaining market behaviour to them.

Also, after trading for several years, I found what I was doing grindingly lonely. The isolation was painful... I wanted people to talk to...

As a result of teaching, my own trading has improved greatly... I think I learn from my students... They force me to learn...

As to why I don't just trade; I may decide soon that teaching is too much work and give it up, but as long as I am happy doing it and the people I train up, appreciate it, I intend to continue with the teaching.

I find the combination of trading and teaching most helpful in pushing me forward.
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