Anyone read this book ?

Lightning McQueen

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hi neil. haven't got the book. I cheated and looked at the author's forum. looks interesting enough and not overly complicated. as far as I can see from a quick glance of the pics in their downloads section it may well be worth a look at this book, it's only £3.99 currently, that's no loss at all if it turns out not really that good after checking out the general entry criteria from the pics on own charts. sign up to his forum and have a look at the pics and see what you think.


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He trades H4. Method should work with D1 and H1( I trade).

Just one book to explain just one method in depth - with additions to the FF contents.

Thanks for the input chaps. I will take a closer look.


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I don't know whether it's allowed to give a link to another forum, but the author posts at ForexFactory, where he's a commercial member, under the username "Hugh Briss", and has a (currently 9-page) thread - listed under "Commercial Content" - with the same title as the book mentioned above.
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