Anyone know any decent continuation and exit indicators for fx


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May be shooting in the dark here but i have heard there are some decent continuation and exit indicator out there. I have not found an that are any better than a good old trend line.
Answers on a postcard please would be most welcome


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I can't suggest any sort of indicator but can suggest adding central bank policy as the basis for trends and intraday sentiment driven by news flow to focus in on the ebb and flow within that trend

Black line central bank, red line intraday news flow


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continuation wise ......hmmm

perhaps the macd where both Ma lines are already on same side and then fast Ma crosses back into good as any ive seen .............not what i do but its half decent if you work the settings and perhaps add a few other bells and whistles

heres VP explaining more on the MACD..............i'm NVP buy the way so we are not related !!!...although we've exchanged correspondance on some his work which i find interesting



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Good question. Most pattern / signal queries tends to reflect interest in reversals.

I'm going to suggest you can only have a good continuation signal if you have a good trend in the first place, so recognising the trend is the primary requirement. After that - in real time - any price action which is not an obvious continuation of the trend direction is the start of a trend continuation pattern. In real time they all start the same way - price makes a modest counter-trend move which doesn't coincide with any dramatic newsflow or market-wide reversal.

So why not treat all trend corrective price movements as a continuation?
e.g. put in a new buy order above the high of any "down" day in a strong uptrend, without waiting for it to develop into a conventional chart pattern which then may or may not be recognisable as e.g. a flag or pennant.
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It SHOULD really be just what AI is good at. Making traders redundant.
I haven't seen a programme yet with it though that is available to the general public.
Goldmans etc. have probably got the latest whizzo versions.
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