Anyone Day Traded On The LSE Professionally?


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I've been a futures trader at prop firms for about 10 yrs. never traded cash equities but know there have been a few LSE trading prop firms/teams.

My question is how do you avoid the 0.5% capital gains tax as a day trader?

My reason for asking is it wouldn't surprise me if some country introduces a financial transaction tax on futures trading at some point in the future. The political climate at the moment is just tax and regulate everything.

If a FTT was imposed on futures it would add about 5-10 euros on every trade and can't imagine how being an active trader would be feasible. Not to mention the impact on liquidity.

So was wondering how it effects LSE traders? I assume there has to be a workaround or pro firms get some sort of market maker tax relief?



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Market makers, etc are exempt, hedge funds and the like will use delta one derivs, eg CFDs.

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