Anyone any experience of Xpertrader ?


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Having looked at the Xpertrader site ( ), it appears good - but then they would say that, wouldn't they ? Is there anyone out there who's tried it, even the Demo, with any comments ?

I tried the free trial once and didn't like it. I couldn't work out how to use it and it looked like I would have to hand over money to see if it worked.

If their turning point indicators are often better than 90%, why on earth are they selling it? I would use it to make a fortune, not try and sell the software. 90% sounds good but they don't mention the size of the reversal. It might be too small to trade. Having looked at a few of these websites, I don't trust a lot of these claims. They don't seem to back them up with clear trading records that are independently verified.
Hi Bigbusiness, thanks for the comment. I agree with both of your main points. The turning point indicators were the thing that caught my eye - but if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. The help/instruction system also looks very complicated; however that could be a good sign - if it's that hard to work out, perhaps there is something in it ?

I have found that most profitable trading systems seem quite simple. They may have over complicated their system but it doesn't mean it will work for you. It is easy to get stunning results back-testing data but it doesn't always work when you try to trade it.

Until recently I knew very little about making my own charts but now I can put data in to excel and play around with charts. It's hard work to learn but the results are more satisfying than using someone else's software and not having a clue how it works. This is an excellent website to learn the basics.
I bought into Xpertrader cheaply when it first started several years ago, and it is still not completely finished. The latest development is its own live feed - there has always been a EOD feed.
There is a lot in the package - more than one persn would ever use. The trick is to choose the charts and indicators that suit and adjust to your requirements. It takes a while to learn and some effort is necessary to get the best out of it.
The signals can be accurate - but with so much tweaking possible I doubt if any two people would ever produce the same results.
I have learnt to like it - I guess it has grown on me- but I still run e-signal with advance charting on a seperate machine. I mainly use Xpertrader for EOD trading but with the introduction of the live feed that may change
If you are looking for a new trading system I would recommend giving the free trial a go.
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Thanks for the comments.
I think that I'll give the free trial a go - the price is right. Purplekiwi, in your experience how accurate have the turning point indicators been ? As Bigbusiness stated, there's not much point to them if they only pick up tiny reversals.