Any prop firm without payment?


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Well, I come from a situation with 0 experience in these prop trading firms but some experience with human beings, presumably.

It is easy to create a business model in which you place an entry fee and then intentionally adverse conditions to increase the number of traders who fail and must pay that fee again.

But hey, I can understand it, no one here is putting a gun to the head to accept those conditions, and if all the prop firms have joined forces to put that entry payment, I accept it.

What I want to know is, assuming that I have a good level of trading and consistent profitability, which firms are serious and do not base their entire business model on the entry fee? Because I am a person who has dedicated a considerable ammount of time and sacrificed things over the years (still do) and I have a level of skill that is profitable, the only thing I want is to offer my services and get out of my undercapitalized situation.
I trade $100,000k account with MFF. It hasn’t cost me a penny because they give you your fee back if you are good enough. Start with the Rapid model if you don’t want time limits.
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