an extremaly undervalued situation


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Value Stock?

The company is ICONET - the ticker is ICON they is a mining company currently trading on the OTC BB (U.S over the counter bulleton board market) with claims in Timmins, Ontario with published Nickel reserves of over 13,000 tons!

The past production Ni-Cu deposits, the Langmuir #2 and the Langmuir #1, are contained within the property boundaries. Published reserve data indicates approximately 255,000 tons of 1.875 Ni at the Langmuir #2 (open below 365 meters) and 127,000 tons of 2.21 % Ni at the Langmuir #1, (open along plunge). Langmuir North 454,000 tons of 1.20% of Ni.

Is this worth a closer look?

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options what problem do you have with this post? I am handing you an investment opportunity with the potential for an absolutly outstanding return - short term!

Why would'nt you want to see this??
Clarification on ICON

Look at the stock technicaly, it shows very strong support at .12, it has held this base for 3 months now and all indicators point to a move north of this platau. Volume has been 5X avrg for the past 3 weeks.

Watch for a break over .20 to confirm the move.
Looks crap on the chart to me. Go pedal your rubbish somewhere else :mad:

I dont know what indicators you use to evaluate whats good technicaly and what is not.

Look at the ICON 6 - month, you see a strong move to .30 off historical low and a new base formed between .10 & .20. In the last month you see a strong volume increase and a test of the bottom of current trading range followed by a move to the top of current trading range.

A break over .20 confirms the breakout.

Tell me what you see thats negative?
You have got to be having a giggle with this one. I don't know why I am going to waste my time by replying to this.

Maybe it's because someone might actually listen to you. If you take the trouble to look around the site and the postings you will see that stocks are not punted around.

It doesn't matter what indicators you use. This stock is dead.

This company began trading in the first half of '99 and the stock opened trading at the 400 mark. And within the first half of '99 shot up to near 1,300 and almost in the same breath fell back to the 400 and continued going down to it's present price of 0.14.
(5 year chart). Within the same year!

on the 6 month chart that you speak of, there is a large volume spike in the early part of Sept, and this has done nothing for the price while it has travelled for the last 4 months between 0.1 and 0.2 Although, this does not mean that the price will not suddenly shoot up.

However, there is an even bigger volume spike in the middle of May, that served to halt the stocks decline. With an equally impressive volume spike in the first part of July followed by other large spikes a few days later that indicate buying in the share and this pushed the price to a whopping 0.2 gain and it has travelled there for the last 3 months.

To profit form buying this stock you would have to buy in very large amounts and then I would offer that you would have trouble trying to sell the stock when, and if you made a profit, simply because the volume is not in the stock and has no liquidity.

On the second newsflash under the chart, it reports that Iconet has drawn on it's full line of credit to the tune of $2 million (a bad sign?)

Not a lot of people will be buying this stock from this site, which will leave more for you to buy, thereby you have the chance to make your fortune and you can tell me and the others that 'I told you so'.
Let us know what happens in 6 months time; and please, no more stock tips.


I can appreciate your point of view.

ICON is not a microsoft or a U.S fortune 500 company, they are a small mining company trading on the OTC BB - the most volitle and speculative market in the U.S

Percentage wise there is great potential here. When you look at the 3-year or longer chart of ICON you are seeing 3 companies SGSF/DVDT/ICON. As is so common with OTC stocks when one company fails as did SGSF & DVDT the corporate shell is all thats left over. ICON has only since recently inhabited this corporate shell which by all accounts is a completley new and different company incuding management and stock structure.

ICON is now in an excellent position to increase in value substantialy short term. Look at the short term technicals - 6 months or less (a must when considering any bb company) and they are strong. The stock has excellent support at .12. Most importantly and the reason I am invested is they just released this pr:}&newsid=800727522&symb=ICON&sid=741977

I have spoken to their ir firm and made many inquiries and there are lots of things happening for this little company. They are anticipating launching the work program on the mines very soon, they have many mining anylists now interested in the company and some proffesionals already on the board of directors. As all this takes place, people begin to notice and they get some publicity the stock should increase in value very fast from current .14 pps.

To get a feel for the potential of the mines read the pr very carefully and do the numbers.
well I guess you'll miss making money on this one as well Miki, I'm sure your used to it by now.
I can't believe I've actually wasted time reading posts made by orionksol. I thought ramping went down with the dotcoms, but I suppose some never learn. I take it from all the hard work that has been put in trying in vein to make T2W users buy this dead cat means you are "long and wrong" of this and are trying desperatly to offload some stock.

Pump and dump on OTC stocks in US is the favourite method of shysters..

Hmm orionksol is from the US..
I edited out the blatant ramping at the outset and warned him that further postings like that would result in a ban...... The fact that I left a bit in, was to provide the benefit of the doubt .
I know that the level of inteligence of all our members would not allow them to take any notice of ramping, however it is presented.