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I am after a charting software which I can use to see a list of stocks(UK & US) which has reach "all time high" on a day. Any advice?



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Sharescope does new highs/lows for UK and you can change time period settings from all data, to number of trading days or any other you want


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I know Sharescope does it. But, I am a total beginner and I am bit reluctant to spend around £80/month for realtime info.

About quotetracker, I have tried it and it's an excellent program. But, I don't think it does what wanted, (search for a list of stocks which have reached all time high for today) unless I am missing something Paul,


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QuoteTracker can show you all the stocks in your portfolio/WatchList that have reached the high. It does not (yet) let you see highs/lows on symbols not in the portfolio. May be adding support for http://www.trade-ideas.com/ which would add full scans based on different criteria (US only at this time)


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why not try Sharescope EOD .. only £11.95 / month

great package fro the beginner and those more exeperienced



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It really is worth the money for a beginner.. nice & intuitive.. a good platform for learning TA. (and, it still has the fundamentals :-0 )
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