Algorithmic Trading - Need a person that can help me implement some good strategies



I am an experienced developer and I am already developing a software that will be able to auto-trade. I have all the technical skills to produce something great but I lack of trading strategies and a solid economical background.

The whole software is made using nodejs that is able to collect data, do some backtesting and execute orders, manage accounts etc. The software consists of a web page where you can login and manage your account, add/edit orders etc.

My final plan is to have the software be able to auto-trade using some strategies.

What the program can do right now:

- Collect daily data from Yahoo Finance (through Quandl API).
- Collect real time data from my broker's API.
- Able to login in a webpage and watch a table with all the Indexes, Stocks, Commodities, Forex & Crypto (BTCUSD), This page is updating in realtime as nodejs is sending the data it collects every second.
- Able to create/edit/cancel an order.
- Display real time charts including some techincal indicator such as EMA, SMA etc.
- Backtest some stupid strategies that I created.

What the program should do at the end:

- Auto trade using multiple strategies.
- Users should be able to select on which market they want to invest and what strategies want to be run 24/7

IMPORTANT: I am using a broker with a nice API that allows bitcoin deposit and let you invest in bitcoins. So for an order I place e.g. 0.1 BTC and gain or lose some percentage. The concept is the same as euro or usd accounts but the point is that I try to maximize my bitcoin amount.

What I am looking for:

I need someone that is interested in trading and can work with me in order to enable and test several trading algorithms. We can then backtest them and let my software auto-trade using the rules we set.

The concept is simple, I am a programmer with advanced knowledge and I am able to create a solid service. I am looking for someone that has an economical background that is interested on using for free the software we both develop. It is a win-win situation.
I know this isn't the complete answer you're looking for and/or may be the point in the wrong direction, but you might want to check out sites that offer backtesting as well as the ability to implement user codes. I don't know the "policy" with referring people to sites so give it a search or something.