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Hi Guys,

is time for another update. my last trade was not very successful because I finished on SL from all of my position on AUDNZD. Loss was about 850 USD. I haven't been trading during the Christmas and January was very busy at my job, so I would like to put some trades from end of the last month. Some of them are already closed and some of them are still in the market. here you go.

open positions


closed positions







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Well Done Airmike

Am I correct to say without your contest winnings - your trading results are just running in the red?

I will admit I have not read all your blog and links - but why are you showing a $2,2 K P & L negative balance

If its all part of your plan - no problem - but with you doing better with your contests etc - why not just stay with them and try and do more ?

Surely I am missing something here - but it is a Saturday evening and I am already on the red wine - so sorry if I am not quite with it ;-))


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Interesting thread. Cool graphics too o_O Good luck!


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I just came back from town so I will answer in same mood as you :)

Firstly, I would like to say that you are perfectly right. My P&L is in red and explanation is that I am trying to combine very high risk trading with money I won in contests.

1 point: I am able to make every month few hundreds of dollars . My average gain from contest is about 1000 USD per month. I have decided to take a risk and my monthly budget is exactly same as average income contest. I don't want to spend even cent more than that.

2 point: I would like to make a huge amount of money, but I have no time for intraday trading or watch on the charts during the day. so I would like to pick one of my monthly analysis every month and risk all in. Sometimes I am right and sometimes wrong but in long term I believed in success .

3. My target is 440k USD. because I think that I can handle it. I made nice result in one of my previous contest in 2011
I want to achieve same target but with no time limit. It can take 3 years or 10 years. this small project is my hobby. I don't know if I am able to reach this target. but I want to try. :)

I am very conservative trader and I didn't took a huge risk in past. I am taking this project as an experiment. Some kind of way to make almost impossible become a true. And it is a lot of fun of course :)


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I have to say this is really not a way how to make consistent gains every month, or perfect equity with small drawdowns. this is my way how to risk and don't lose money.

Most important thing is blue curve. I don't care about red or green. Blue one is total P&L and it means - money in my project. I don't want to see drawdown on blue one.
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I see that my thread has not been updated such a long time. For all info is better to check my blog

Just few Highlights

1. From 1 January till this Friday I have closed 100 trades - all of them are winners. Is a bit crazy but my EOM stop loss has not been filled even one time.
2. I made profit from the contest $7760 and profit from trading $5017
3. I almost doubled my account from previous year. see picture below


Ps: It is not a big deal so far, but I believe its a good start of the new year and probability to achieve my target is a bit higher
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