AIQ end of day data


Where do people get their end of day data for AIQ? I just tried a download using the 'Comm' option from Mytrack, and it's trashed my database by downloading US stock data ('cause each ticker in the database wasn't suffixed with '-L'). Is there a workaround or do people use other methods?
Hi zanshin

I am aware that it is possible to get free data from various sites but I don't use them. I buy data from Prestel City Feed. Costs about £100 per year. Data is clean and you have no problems apart from delay very occasionally, couple of hours usually, once in a couple of months. You download after 6.30 pm each day. If you bought the AIQ or have it on trial then Bob at Trendline will keep you right. Or you can ring Prestel on 01483 783900. Hope this helps.

Hi Zan

Same here I use Prestel EOD and find it fine can recommend it.

Thanks TraderX, MX.

I rang Prestel today and signed up, £90/year for UK OHLCV data, hopefully the signon info will arrive tomorrow.