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Welcome to AI Forex Bot, the most advanced trading platform designed to make your forex trading easier and more profitable. Our team of experts have developed a cutting-edge AI algorithm that can accurately predict changes in the forex market and provide you with trading tips and insights. With the AI Forex Bot, you can easily stay on top of the market and make informed decisions that increase your chances of success. Download now to start trading smarter and more efficiently.

Reply to the top of the question about the virus detected:

Antivirus detections in scanning this file are very likely to be false positives.
Forex AI bot are often recognized as or confused with malware by antivirus services due to the way these programs interact with system processes, memory and the operating system itself. AI Forex Bot may also use some form of obfuscation to circumvent anti-cheat detection or prevent others from reverse engineering the author's work.
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Hey,i think that we're just a few guys who already trade successfull with the help of AI, so lets get connected, we're here now and i hope to find each other ;-)