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I have an interview this Tuesday with an company for a stock Broker Trainee in NY. The company is willing to sponsor the required test for qualified applicants.

I have no experience other than reading financial literature over the years and reading various books on companies financial statements ETC and a macro view on economics.

My current job is in the Fashion Industry.

I really would like to land this job. I have more of an Entrepreneur mindset.

They say the turnover rate is higher than Mc Donalds. Is that true?
I also read that if you say you are willing to work 12 hours a day they would hire you.

Can anyone provide insight to a stock broker trainee and the day to day work?
What is the interview like?



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They seem legit, they have been in business for at least 75 years.

I'm just nervous about the interview and changing careers, because I heard its high turnover rate. I might be wrong.

I heard its best to try and pitch your sales skills at the interview.


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Just make sure the company is legit, and not a scam boiler room operation.
I just had the interview today and it went well. It definitely was not a boiler room operation. He said they are independent and I would be doing a lot of cold calling. The only catch is, that I would be sponsored for the test. If they sponsor me I would have two options.

1. Quit the the job I am working at (where I am making a descent salary) and make $250.00 per week until I get the license.

2. Keep my job and train for a few hours after work until I pass the exam.

He cautioned me about switching industries because its extremely difficult being a stock broker.

My question it worth it?

Are there any successful brokers that can advise or anyone in similar situations?


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Doing a lot of cold calling = ****ty firm and ****ty job.

Proper firms don't need to cold call. Plus, it's not hard being a stockbroker, believe me.
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