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Hello, I'm currently writing a novel in which the criminals commit the following crime:

They infiltrate a large company (à la Google) and start to create havoc on thousands of accounts. This screws up completely the operations for that company and the stock will go down fast. Before putting this to execution, the crooks have setup a multitude of accounts, in which they have placed 30 mln. When they execute their mess up, they short the stock with a leverage of 80.(which would represent 10% of the market cap) The stock tanks 20% and the crooks cash in 480 mln.

So far the theory. Now I realize that there might be some loopholes in this scenario. One remark that I got was, that the liquidity banks would never cash out that amount and that it would be shrinked back to approximately the money that was put at stake . I have some trading experience, but of course, I have never traded 30 mln in such an invented scenario. But I've never heard talking about this thing of liquidity banks shrinking back gains.

Please feel free to shoot holes in this scenario.


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Why cash out? Why not begin moving the money around, buying assets offshore, for example. Land on an island, or non-extradition country. That way the money never needs to come out, and it will fly lower under the radar.
It would also give them a place to go, for example. Then, a crooked banker from that country, who is in on it, for example, leverages the properties to actually cash them out.
Just an idea.... :)
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