Adjusting the lochner prevaricator:

"In October 2002, my comments regarding stock indices were strongly criticized by some of my colleagues. The problem was that the wave scenarios for different indices suggested conflicting projections. Indeed, the wave count for the NASDAQ 100 implied that the price would surge towards 1100; meanwhile, I thought that the S&P 500 would unlikely be able to move beyond the highest price achieved in August, 2002. Later, those forecasts turned out to be correct." Alex Bezrodny
end quote
I have never talked to an ewaver that does not speak with this kind of psychobabble. Imaginary villains criticizing them at every turn. "The end is near." It is pure crap. The truth is, it can not graph emotion even one day ahead of an unknown occurrence.

And another truth is, the ewave is an oscillator not an indicator. And it is a subterfuge. The pro's who write computer program scripts will reveal the verity: The ewave frauds by furtively peeking ahead with information that it does not actually have. When the information actually arives, it "optimizes" the information in the posted history. In other words, it changes the wave counts that have already been listed in its post history, so that it matches the new information.

It is a huge expiring pattern with purposeful areas of loose interpretation within the formula. Even with the huge holes in the formula, there are times when new information completely stumps the formula and everyone looses count. The count can't be determined until additional information arrives and someone finds a way to walk it through one of the gapping holes in the formula.

Do you get it? It is like a Moving Average program that one day will use a 1day vs 5day MA to determine its signals; and the next day it shunts to a 13day vs 50day MA to determine its signals. Why? Because it has "optimized" the market history to find the combination that is currently ahead on score. Well now! That kind of gouges the people using the old system doesn't it!!!

And that kind of oscillation creates ewavers who suddenly say, "I quit!" and buy into a different system.

Sound like the ewave creates more emotion than it actually plots?

Except under the loosest interpretations:

Elliott can not predict the end of the world just because he gained information during the great depression.

Gann could not predict earthquakes and wars.

Fibbonacci could not find his patterns in all life.

And the Apostles' calculations about the Roman Empire were wrong by about 500 years. Plus the Old Testament Hebrews were wrong by an even longer period of time.

To prove I hold no favorites: The world will not end by Zarathustra's fire until the Earth is swallow by the Sun... probably in about a billion years---give or take 500 million years.

No intelligent person continues to follow the above kind of prognostication because it is immanently oppressive instead of enlightening. It limits growth and opens up to manipulators and conspiracy theorists. Scientists do not follow such a path their whole life because they determine that they do not want to take the hit when the obvious system theories expire useless.

As for me, my stop loss has been set in the same manor as these nouveaux blues singers have set their stop losses...before they began to spew demagoguery dogma.

Does anyone else care to explicate those characters with an agenda to obscure an underlying truth?

the First to hear the drums
Nope! Let's make it as complicated and as obtuse as possible. Obfurscation rules - OK? :D
The degenerative regurgitation of generic analytical systems specific to sophomoric and frequently moronically over/under optimistic individual inexperienced traders as their re-invention of unsuccessful and purely theoretical modelling systems provides a constant source of amusement and pleasure and profit......
Anyone feeling that the above comments are directed at them personally should alternative employment......
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Since I had to tear out the pages from my dictionary to make a fire in my new home I haven't got around to finding out the meaning of the word "skimbleshanks". So I have just put in it into a search engine and come up with:

I strongly advise all members to check out this site.
Contact info and the customer support are particularly good.
My nickname actually comes from a poem by TS Elliott called Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat.

My nick was used by an apparently sad individual, whose best efforts are for all to see on the URL you state.

My heart goes out to you Mr Charts in your state of abject poverty, and I do hope that the recent snow has not made your home all soggy. I also hope your poverty is not a reflection of your trading skills. :D :D :D

Thank you kindly.

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Spelunking through tlochner's ewave

<img src=>

It might be interesting for you to know: On one of the large index message boards in the US, we determined that todays downside traders (calling themselves Bears) are using FA (fundamental analysis) to determine most of their positions and the duration of those positions. And inversely, upside traders are violating FA...<img src=>... Since that time...(and without my input) they have determined that it is un-American to NOT short stocks and buy puts. The ewave and TA pundits joined in clamorous melee by announcing the arrival of the "final" wave 5 down which will not end until the Spring of 2004 (at 2:13pm on a Wednesday).

errrrr...Is this the reason the Fed has cut interest rates and expanded the money supply?