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Let's say i have $100k in risk capital, deposit $10,000 and use 400X leverage (?) as an example.. So for each trade, assuming i risk 2%, that's $2k.

(i) Monthly P/L: When people mention P/L, they refer to the whole value-at-risk right? e.g. if someone makes 2% a month in this case, then he means making $2000 / month right? Not 2% x $5k = $100..

Then in that case, wouldn't it be nearly impossible to gauge performance?
Because account equity (deposits) would be tiny amounts given the amount of leverage available? an presumably get wiped out or doubled now and then?

(ii) Timeframes:
So basically the more time a profitable trader spends staring at the charts, the more he should make no? Assuming he trades intraday

Are there "optimal" time frames?
e.g. i'd imagine if a lot high-frequency algo traders gravitated towards a particular time frame, might make it unattractive?

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