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Hi T2W traders..

I am using IBKR platform for trading. Can someone help me with following order type:

I want to place limit order only when the market will reach specific above current market price.

for example: XYZ has current market price of $100
I want to buy it when the market will reach $101 and to sell it at $105 (take profit). if not reached take profit level, do not sell.

Please advise..

thank you..


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first, there are good videos for that on youtube.
second, you place limit and the price you want to buy in, and press the small + button on the order panel, there you nark attached bracket and put the values for TP or SL even


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The first order you wish to place is a buy stop at 101 and then the second order is a sell limit at 105. If you have not yet understood this I do suggest you pursue additional education before risking your money.
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