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sorry for the confusion ive just reread the thread and it appears the link i posted was meant for a different thread...
Unfortunately i cant find where it was supposed to go, it was for someone to be able to create there own watch list of stock charts without the need to subscribe a web site or software.

As regards the strategy just let me know if anyone wants it... ill have to did it out though



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Re: "random entry is for mugs......."

damianoakley said:
Random entry isn't necessarily for mugs.

Mugs are people who focus too much on entry techniques and don't understand the importance of exits and position sizing.

With correct position sizing and a sound exit strategy, I think your technique of looking for big movers and following them would be very profitable over the medium to long-term. Successful momentum traders base their trading on this very concept.

The simple strategies are the best.

Why would you plan a sound exit strategy and position sizing and miss out the very important entry point? Entry point is every bit as important as an exit strategy.

The data I posted is for day trading not medium to longtrem positions and has nothing to do with big movers.



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Apologies, I've misunderstood your strategy.

I thought it was based on End-of-Day - didn't realise you were looking to daytrade it.

I was actually praising your concept though. And I agree that entry point is important. And I'm not suggesting that random entry is a good idea. But it has been proved that random entry is actually profitable with good exits and position sizing.

Personally, I'd rather have all three - good entry, good exits, and good money management.


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Kevinmcm, the proposition being put is by the threadstarter, Dazzam. One of the replies to that is mine, with which you can choose to agree or disagree.

Random entry .. don't support it; have never supported it. Period.

To repeat my question: is Dazzam's proposition really much of an advance, if any, over random entry?


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Thanks for all replies. All I wanted to do was start a debate on it as a stratergy which is what I appear to have started.


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me again :cool:

Don't trade the equities, but when I did, they reckoned that if one was on fire, never to trade it long on the third day or if you did be careful of a sharp pullback.

Day 2 is usually fairly profitable- where the 'me 2 brigade' start piling in & where more astute players are planning their exit.


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Daz , i like it, butt then i am a bit simple anyway.
I think when one appears in my portfolio, ill run with it and see what happens.



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Been looking at your results posts, all very interesting but they don't mean much to me. How do you determine a potential move the following day and how do you select likely stocks.

I'm very puzzled!

Rgds Stephen
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