A Little Help Please...


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I was wondering if I could get three different people to randomly pick a year between 1980 and 2010.
I will explain more after so not to alter what might be someones choice.

Thanks in advance(y)


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Thanks for the help...so far.

If I could please get some more it would be great...
Would three other people pick one of the twelve months each...


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ooops soz folks.

I suggest June :)
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1999 has never been a month. December on the other hand has a great tradition of being a month.

Ok, December is the first of three.
Two more please?

I know a few folks who spent enough time in the bottle in 1999 that it would seem quite like only a month to them! Funny thing is it had quite a bit to do with the whole Y2K thing.
The whole 2012 thing does not seem to have the same effect from what I have seen!
Kinda sad really, I have a whole closet full of duct tape that I was going to use as money after the end of the world in December. I'm guessing that the chunk of Earth that Fort Worth is on(the world must blow up for my plan to work) will be big enough that I will still be alive and it will still have other people on it who have everything but duct tape. Why will people want it?
First of all it's duct tape! Second of all it's the only thing that will work to put the Earth back together again. :whistling


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Well that was fast.
Now we have December, June and April.
I will put April with 1986 as April starts with "A".
December I will put with 1987, I bet you can guess why.
And last I will put June with 2004.

Thanks guys, I now have three "random" starting points to check a trading thing I noticed a few days ago.
I know, kinda anti-climatic but I wanted to get some so called random points in time to start from.

You are all wonderful people!:LOL: I mean(y)
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