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Good morning, I am the founder and CEO of Iberica wealth, a Spanish company dedicated to various investments, such as real estate and the stock market.

I have a team of professionals in the sector, and together, we have created the Darwin "MDU", which you can see here:

We have obtained an annual return of 100%, as can be seen in the "underlying strategy" tab, and to increase our visibility and encourage all those who want to invest, we have decided to create a journal, in which we will show how we do things.

Wouldn't this reveal the hen of the golden eggs? The real chicken is not in the idea, but in the execution, and therefore we know that the unveiling of any system will not make a dent in our position with respect to the competition.

Our system is really simple. The secret lies in the careful choice of each trade.

We make a general analysis of the political and economic situation worldwide, and then zoom to the specific currency territories, USA, Euro zone, Canada.

Understanding the context is crucial before conducting any trade. It is not possible to foresee that a glass will fall only by the fact that we throw it, we must know the level of gravity of the planet in which we are, to know if what is supposed to fall down, does not end up levitating upwards.

I am not going to deepen the way of analyzing this political-social context, but I did want to express the importance that we give to this aspect.
Let's try the last trade:

This last trade reported a profit of 16%. Yes, just this one. The maximum risk of the operation was 2%. A positive aspect of filtering trades is that those who decide to be executed will report great benefits, unlike running many trades and trying to get many small benefits.

The approach was simple. We had found a broken political-social context, although the price was bullish, it had no justified force, and its fall was a matter of time.

We did a simple technical analysis. An earlier resistance level is drawn and a double roof pattern is expected. In this case this pattern cannot be seen given the timeframe. In 1 hour timeframe it could be seen more clearly.
At that time we decided to sell, with a stop loss of 20 pips and a take profit of 150, since we always look for a profit / risk ratio of at least 1: 6.

The price was about to touch the stop loss, however, instead of closing the operation manually, we decided the most correct option, which is to let the price develop and accept the possible loss. In this case, the address change just in time and continued in favor of the forecast we had made, touching our take profit and getting a positive operation.
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