Article 7 steps to Increase Discipline and Master Your Trading Strategy

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In this article I will give you methods which will increase your trading discipline most of which are based on scientific discoveries which are unknown for most traders. This should enhance your ability to gain a trading edge over others competing in the same markets.
1.         Find a strategy and create a trading plan Many traders just use some indicators and price action formations and make random decisions based on that. But it doesn’t work and when you don’t have a plan then first you need to define how to trade. It is proven that you have some resources of energy which you use on making decisions. But there is little sense in using this energy every day on defining “how to trade”. You should use it only once (when you choose your strategy and create a trading plan) and save your energy on other important issues: analyzing setups, opening transactions, setting SL and managing your transactions. Unfortunately (or fortunately, because you can take advantage of it) most...
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No! Even if your strategy is automated then you see your losses and if you have to be enough disciplined to stick your strategyy.


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Good basic but essential ( and possibly frequently ignored?) stuff for a swing trader (can't speak for other types). It's also good to see the author participating in feedback.

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