2 Weeks - 1000 Euro,my report!



Hi. I wanted to share this space to show my results!
In two weeks I have made ​​more than 1000 euro and I have 4 more open positions that include Apple, Walt Disney, Tesla and Luxottica.
Positions not still closed

I start from the beginning.

Linkedin: I had opened a topic relating to the economic situation of Linkedin.
It's had revenues by 47% - 533.9 million dollars, well above expectations of analysts who had stopped at 511 million. Also because of the purchase for $ 120 million of Bright

* Excluding special items, LinkedIn posted earnings per share of 51 cents compared to 38 cents for the period from April to June. Well the forecast for the current quarter: profits are expected to 44 cents per share and revenue to 543 million to 547 million, respectively, against estimates of 40 cents and $ 541 million.

But not enough! LinkedIn is the queen of Silicon Valley beats giants like Facebook, Google and Apple, establishing itself as the best company 'American to work. To crown the social network and '24/7 Wall St, on the basis of data from Glassdoor.com, a site allows employees to leave their opinions on their companies.

Google Google has closed the second quarter with a net profit of 3.42 billion dollars, or $ 4.99 per share, up from 3.23 billion, or $ 4.77 per share, in the same period of the previous year. The turnover amounted to 12.67 billion dollars, up by 11.1 billion.
I believe that Google does not need presentation. A highly stable and growing.:)

Luxottica Unfortunately in recent years the Italian economy is not going well. But positive signs are expected and business world leaders such as Luxottica and Pirelli are in constant growth.

The analysts of the bank Goldman Sachs, in a study on the luxury sector, promoted by the Luxottica list of titles for sale (sell list) to "neutral". For experts the position "unique" in the field will allow Luxottica to record solid growth in revenues and profits. Goldman Sachs, 2015-2018, provides an average increase in revenue of 9.6% and Luxottica ebit of 13.

Luxottica has closed the first half of 2014 with a turnover of 3.88 billion euro, an increase of 5.6% at constant exchange rates and an increase of 0.5% at current exchange rates. Operating income for the first half amounted to 666.35 million euro, an increase of 4.7% compared to 636.49 million de ...

In the second quarter, Luxottica Group posted a turnover of 2.06 billion euro, an increase of 7% at constant exchange rates and an improvement of 2.1% at current exchange rates. Net income rose 11%, from 211.96 million to 235.21 million euro. ...

The group of Del Vecchio has signed with Chanel a new licensing agreement which focused on designing, manufacturing and exclusive distribution in the world of optical frames and sunglasses Chanel brand until December 31, 2018.

Apple and Walt Disney does not need any introduction or specific documentation. If I were you be operating on Walt Disney and Apple, instantly!
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