164,000% in 18 months!!

Thats nothing compared to a website that somebody posted...
and this is what it stated as one day gains...

Negative development on London Stock Exchange Monday
Negative development on the market Monday, and FTSE 100 closed at 4228 points, down 0.7%. FTSE AIM changed +0.3% and closed at 759 points.

262 shares were up and 691 were down, while 140 remained unchanged, and there was no trading in 1443 shares. GTL RESOURCES ORD 1P was the share that performed the best. The share rose 1013413.5% and closed at 93750.00. INTER-ALLIANCE ORD 1P, up 999900.0%, BRIGHT FUTURE ORD 5P, up 961438.5%, and ID DATA ORD 1P, up 30.8%, were the other leading winners. SOUTHERN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC was the share that showed the poorest performance. The share fell 18.3% and closed at 7.25. MEDICAL MKTG ORD 0.2P, down 13.8%, ELEKTRON ORD 5P, down 13.3%, and GOSHAWK INS.HDS ORD 5P, down 13.1%, were the other leading losers.

There maybe errors in the above but there maybe not

This reminds me of a programme about scams recently and should be noted by those looking at penny plays

Note there were 1443 shares that did not trade. Those shares can have any price they like - a quoted price
But does not mean they have traded at that price or ever will.

The source was from a web site called investech...

. :rolleyes: