10/100 5-port switch


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Hi all

i have a linksys 10/100 5-port switch for sale cost £59.99
will sell for £30.00. i purchased the unit in error a month ago and am not brave enough to return to the shop and ask for a refund after a month!.
cheer nick
Is this a Broadband Internet Router ? and if so what model is it please ?

Hi Paul,

the model code is: ezxs55w.
i have been trying to use this switch with ntl broadband but had no success whether it will work with another provider i'm not sure
i've just purchased a 4 port cable/dsl gateway router which has solved my problem . hope this helps
cheers nick
Hi Nick,

I have just looked this up and I dont think that it is a broadband router which is why you may have had the problems that you have. A broadband router is what I am after so it's not quite what I want but I do hope someone takes you up on your offer.



if thats what your after go for a belkin fsd5230-4 approx £50.00 ths is the unit i've just purchased, it has a firewall and stealth features built in and a lot of funky flashing lights on the front - turn your room lights of and you like me can have your own disco at no cost..!!
all this for 50 smackers i'm well impressed.
cheers nick


remember to close the curtains though DOH!!