Zen and the Art of Poker

Zen and the Art of Poker

Zen & The Art of Poker

I like this book its hundreds of little comments they all seem applicable to trading. Its easy to dip in & out of for a few minutes every now & zen (Oof!)

I've no idea how it works for poker, cos I can't play it!

Poker Rule 12- 'Don't be impatient about being patient'.
Have your mind and emotions in alignment

Poker Rule 42 - Your biggest opponent and worst enemy is always yourself.
Your opponents are merely dim outlines that come and go. Few can ever reach the exalted heights of damage that you can inflcit on yourself

Poker Rule 96 - Dont succumb to victim thinkig.
Poker is nothing more than a long random statistical game. Treat the game neutrally; try not to get too emotionally involved

Poker Rule 98 - Don't give in to the death wish.
The death wish is resignation, fatalism, dejection despair in the face of luck turning repeatedly against us.
you'll like this book if you liked 'zen and the art of archery'

You are acting when necessary, and not acting when not necessary. It's what poker players might refer to as being "in the zone".

This book has helped my trading immensely as it help you focus on reacting unemotionally to your trading positions.