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One of the few things i've realised over time that are crucial to being consistently profitable in trading forex market are:
1. Understanding of market structure
2. Understanding your own pyschology
3. Risk to reward ratio
4. Risk Management
5. Discipline.

Know how all these work together and know peace.
For the first time I understand WHY and HOW price moves. It's a simple and clear approach to trading not just Forex, but any other market on any time frame.

I have been trying to trade Forex for several years on and off due to various reasons. I have done 3 courses in the UK, each averaging around 3000, none of which worked for me.
It seems like everyone who has a trading course claims to have The System and that you will make money straight away - most do anyhow.
Most courses out there teaches you a strategy without explaining why or how it works exactly. "Just do this and that and you will make money." The thing is, the markets change over time and those strategies have to adapt too, else they stop working or become much less profitable over time.
Lance Beggson the other hand tells it like it is. He makes no claims that you will make thousands of Dollars or even that you will be successful! HOWEVER, what he gives you is insight into how the market moves;
What drives price and how other traders react or respond to changes in price. Where are they more likely to place their stops and how you can take advantage of their stops getting hit.
What I like is the fact that you can use what he teaches you on any timeframe or market, not just Forex.
He simplifies things by eliminating just about every indicator (with good reason as he explains in his course), and leaves you with a clean chart to look at without any distractions. This really made a huge difference in how I now trade. Much simpler and quicker too.

The course stretches over more than 500 pages in different sections, each looking in detail at every part of his strategy. LOADS of charts and examples to show you exactly how and what to look for. Very useful!

I think for $195 this is a steal! Especially with the 60 day money back guarantee to back it.
Hope that helps!
Exceptional value for the discretionary trader

An excellent website maintained by a seasoned professional. Lance provides insightful advice and works hard at updating his content. His weekly newsletters are must reads! I can also highly recommend his trading course.
a PHD course in price action

if you are serious about price action trading go no further

Lances approach is Detailed, methodical and definitive in its content

there are reasonably priced E-books and courses that will provide you with everything you need to trade price action

the contemporary Bible of price action trading


trading is simplified only by identifying the trend THROUGH WAVE THEORY OR BY OTHER INDICATORS
An extremely educational and informative site . If your intersted in why prices move the way they do you found the right website.

Your Trading Coach is a premium and truly educational website. The site belongs to Lance Beggs and his technical trading methods and educational archives are some of the best I have seen. If you are interested in the latest and greatest indicators and trading robots...move on, this site is not for you. However, if you are dedicated to learning this profession and are interested in the mental game and psychology behind price movement then his site is invaluable.

I had been trading the Forex and ETF market full time for almost 2 years and for the great amount of hours and effort that I spent on trading was having only marginal success. I visited all the trading sites, researched and applied every indicator that was available and included them into my trading plan. It became quite clear I was missing something to take my trading to a new level or at least be able to profit consistently. I needed to truly understand why price moved in the direction it did and more specifically what the candles where secretly reveling about the sentiment of the market. If I had a better understanding of market sentiment at particular time I would have a higher probability of its direction.

That is when I found YTC and was shown just what the candles and their patterns secretly were hiding. I am not saying I can now precisely predict when price will reverse or continue direction, but for me, it was exactly what I needed to give my trading a higher probability of success.

Lance trades the markets for living and when you visit his site you will understand his honesty and integrity. Unfortunately for us, he does not provide private coaching. But he does share free educational videos and articles that are packed with high quality information. For those that enjoy his site and would like to learn more about his trading methods you can purchase a full course that is reasonably priced.