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Excellent Live trading room

I've been a member for a few months and I'm extemely happy with the service the guys provide. They trade seriously as you would expect from professional full-time traders but they are also lighthearted and funny which makes spending the day with them very enjoyable. I know we are suppose to trade like robots but lets be honest, humans have personalities?!

Thier trades are mostly executed with strict parameters which can mean waiting for and or missing entries but i'm learning that patience and discipline are the MOST important qualities to successful trading so I'm starting to follow thier behaviour.

Like EVERYONE trading, they have losing trades, it's impossible not to. They do have more than your average winning trades though and I think the subscription is good value.
You will be constantly educated on trading and highly entertained.

I attended the live room for many months, and you will find yourself constantly educated on trading and current events. Tom and David are also highly entertaining. The calls are clear and concise with entry, stop loss and exit. The results they post are very fair, however it is not possible to replicate them exactly due to different brokers data feeds and execution speed, sometimes you will get better and sometimes less. You need to be about during the trading times and be patient. I am unable to attend the room at present due to other commitments but intend to return soon. I have also done the two day course (and re -attended it for free). The amount of training you are given is almost too much as they are catering for both inexperienced and experienced traders, they give you both simple strategies and very advanced ones. You will be sure to find something you like. I now trade only one of the strategies they taught which I find suits my time and personality and I achieve between 500 and 1,000 points a month. I highly recommend the course and the room.