Wealth-Lab Developer

Wealth-Lab Developer

Wealth-Lab Developer is an integrated software package allowing the user to design, test, and trade systems. It is designed to be usable by both programmers and the non-programming savy trader.
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Wealth Lab

Some would say packed by committee...I would say the vendors are extremely responsive to users requests for features and bug fixes, with regular updates each month.

Some would say th epackage is slow, but when compared to running the same models on Tradestation there is virtually no difference.

Some would say littered with indicators....I would say its a comprehensive package with many indicators and function alreadt preprogrammed to save users considerable time writing from having to write them all over again. They are all nicely layed out and available from a side toolbar, with immedaite and extensive help just a key press away. If people find that overly complicated I recommend they dont trade using any software.

It does work with Yahoo or any number of other data formats, including real time.

Everything written in a highly modified (i.e. simplified and specialised for trading and system writing)pascal language. If your not a programmer it does take some time, but he vendors provide free, sppedy & extensive support.

Some would say they have a long way to go...but then again many people on the net simply like to complain and its usually a case of sour grapes as they can't work out how to get any benefit from it while others clearly are.

It always best to understand where the reviewer is coming from when reading one of these reports. I'm just an impressed user with limited programming experience. Anyoe who was experienced and had good experience at trading the markets could do wonders with this program.
Wealth Lab

Well it is a package by a committe...so if anyone has a good programmed indicator...it will be included...

Bad points first...very cumbersome to use and very slow...littered with indicators and is thus complicated...techical inditaor overload...

there is a list of indicators slightly 'teaked' by IT scrip writers who appear to craving for indicator immortality and a place in hall of fame of indicator writers...

good points...works with yahoo and thus can get free data...also works with real time....very good wealth script that is similar to pascal...and in some ways also like jav...so if you are java junkie then you will adapt it easily...

long way to go and must clean up the progra,ming mess the package has become..