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Velocity Futures

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Velocity Futures
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Good Guys

Have opened my first futures trading account with this company and so far the help in starting up has been excellent.

I'm using the free Xtrader that they provide and the support and information has been very good.

If your a newbie to futures then i can recommend these guys to help you get going.
one of the better retail brokers

nice and easy to open an account online with this firm - also the only place i know of that a retail trader can get TT for free (at a premium on commissions)

Though they are aiming at high volume traders, their cheapest high volume rates are still twice as expensive as say Refco's pro clearing rates, and they dont offer access to all exchanges, such as IPE/ICE. Not really important unless you are planning on trading tens of thousands of lots through them though.

Still, this company is a great broker, with reliable systems and decent support and my experience with them has been very good - recommended brokerage house!