Updata Trader Professional II

Updata Trader Professional II

Updata Trader Professional II is our ground breaking system designed to revolutionise the way you manage your investments.

This fully integrated environment makes it easier to focus on your trading and maximise your performance.

Take the hard work out of watching the markets by letting your system do the work for you.

  • Find accelerating stocks earlier
  • Employ powerful graphical analysis
  • Share ideas with other investors live
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Updata TA2 & Trader Pro 2 with level 2 feed

i tried TA 2 and Pro 2 a couple of months ago for a week. it was ok, especially in terms of visual appeal. however, the way you operate some of the functions is not at all intuitive, especially the zoom in and out button for graphs. i didn't have anything running when these programs were running and not many things were happening in terms of analysis except for real time graphing, yet my pc was having difficulty at times keeping up.

Pro 2 seemed to be only a news ticker when i thought it was going to be some extra software analysis. the only way i can explain this is that these extra functions were incoporated into TA 2 during installation. their site isn't any clearer on how these two platforms are meant to work together, but even more importantly, whether not you need both. as though things couldn't get more mysterious, i've yet to mention that there was no level 2 data to be found anywhere... mysterious indeed...

the data feed was ok but at times i felt it was lagging as no data came through for a few seconds. another issue i didn't like was how windows wouldn't automatically line squarely like they do in microsoft windows, so when you tile some windows in TA 2 it looks like a botched builders job. it reminds me of the Ferrari F40 when it first came out, where you paid £250k for a car that had draw strings to open the doors from the inside, as well as being painted so thinly that you could see the fibre glass weaving underneath it in places.

for those chasing the elixir of instant data, they will be temporarily satisfied as their urges are indulged. when the excitement has died down it becomes too obvious that superficial packaging and fancy labelling is all that one has paid for. for £1500, or there abouts, for software and a live data feed for a year, i feel i must have missed out something important about the software to justify the price...

i'll let you decide.
TP 2

I tried the free trial and gave up on day two. It is undoubtedly the poorest product I have attempted to use, since I tried Updata TA a year ago. I cannot believe that things as underdeveloped, difficult to use and full of bugs can reach the marketplace. Level 2 held ghost numbers on the infrequent occasions the data feed ran long enough to register anything. Help involved ten to fifteen minutes queueing on the support line. They could not get it to work, so what chance had I. It deserves a score of zero on all counts as the merit of its very existence is questionable. Not worth bothering to even try - much better exists elsewhere.
Updata TA

....I have been user of this product from day one...I was probably first 50 who bought this product on the hope that pedigree of updata would be continued...how wrong....

It is a product that was released very early and full of bugs....it seems that beta testers were away on wine testing seminar...the bugs keep cropping up...

I use eod version, and the product is very lethargic and flaky in use...

I believe that this product's concept is very good...and with Jeremy's involvement it has good future...BUT for time being it is in a rut...and do i want to keep writing the shortcomings and bugs for the benefit of Updata Team...???..no...so use it and wait for the day when the product will be ready...

P & F is the best and probably only reason why I bought the product in first place...

For time being I will give them very poor marks BUT keep it running to see how things evolve...
Updata 2


I've been systematically reviewing all of the most commonly used realtime packages over the past couple of weeks. This is the only one that I have had any problems with installation with. I can't even get it to run with live data.
Not at all impressed.
Updata Technical analysist

I have used the TA since it came out,on windows XP Proffesional.The only minor hitch I had was when the new version or update came out my toolbar disapeared,I read the FAQs on their online page and found out I was not the only one,but to my relief someone had documented how to sort it out.Since then it has run without a hitch.I am an end of day user.The only annoying problem with updata from my side is the length of time one has to wait sometimes on the help line.Once you have them the help is very good and when they say they will ring back they really do.Intially there was no full users manual that has also long been sorted out.

I am on a 14 day trial for TP2. Would concur broadly with the posts to date: ie much potential but frankly almost too smart for its own good. If I compare to US chart offerings where they understand about, nay invented it, ease of use, intuitiveness, customer service etc, it doesn't look too good. No doubt the features are superb and when it runs for you it is very impressive & useful. Each 60 min of time fiddling about with feeds, downloads, bugs etc is money down the drain.

Has anyone had a great experience with Updata product - both TA & TP - out there? Maybe it's fine for the more technically able and those with time & patience?

Thanks for any thoughts...


Upgraded from Trader1 to Trader2 last summer after being assured the company had finally ironed out the bugs. Yes at first quite a good package with a broadcast feed.In December they changed to an internet feed and it has been downhill ever since.The feed is unreliable after 4pm and if you put lines on charts they move or completely disappear at times! It seems completely unstable. Will NOT be renewing the contract.
Trader Pro II

I used Trader Pro I and then upgraded to Trader Pro II but eventually stopped using it for the same reasons as everyone else.Great product in concept and has huge potential but Trader Pro II was a nightmare kept crashing my machine or locking up.Seemed full of bugs and issues.If they ever get the programming right it will be hard to beat but for the moment I would stay clear unless you want to spend more time re-booting and being frustrated than trading.

I've been using Trader II and Technical Analyst for just over a year. Excellent product in concept but poorly coded. Therefore, too many bugs and too many fixes that never really work.

I continue to use it as as yet I've not come across a similar product which is both reliable and offers as many functions.
Updata TP2

Been using this sysytem for about a year now.

Full of bugs and errors always promises of new builds that quite frankly never deliver.

Big mistake.