Updata Technical Analyst

Updata Technical Analyst

Updata Technical Analyst provides a wide array of technical analysis and charting methods and tools.
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Best Software in UK

I have just finished the trial after sharescope. Now I feel this is the fasted and best software in UK.
Data download speed is super, Chats management and volume details are excellent.
As compared with the sharescope which is worse software I have ever seen, so compilcated to manage and user.

Point & Figure - it is excellent.

I've been using the software for around two years after reading a book on P&F by Weber and Zieg in which they recommended the package. I am a position trader and so use the EOD version. It has many features I don't use but what I do like is the P&F charts - the book by by Du Plessis who is the Updata specialist on P&F proved a major turning point in my use of the package. I can honestly say that using a simple highlighter scan to pick FTSE 100 stocks has proved profitable. That is why I continue to use it. It means I can predefine risk, determine stops and have profit targets.

What I am not so keen about is that the company after providing upgrades to the Point & Figure package seemed to do so as a means to promote both Jeremy's book and the courses. This last year the flavour of the month seems to be customised indicators so nothing much for me - I don't use them - so you do feel that they upgrade rather selectively according to what they are wanting to sell. Have no particular issues with the support. In terms of value for money I think they are a bit behind some US products - I use Ensign for its pattern recognition software and the guys there have produced masses of information in videos and newsletters which are indicative of their total enthusiasm for their product. However, nothing beats Updata re. P&F
Potentially a great product BUT….

I have used their real time (rt) TA Trader for about two years and their Market Hawk (alerting tool) since it was launched. The full product set costs about £80+/month though less if you pay upfront for a full year. It depends on what features you decide to take so best check their website for prices. Their most recent price increase was back in Q3/Q4 '05. I have not used the EoD product. Before choosing TA I spend a couple of months checking out other products like Metastock / Omni trader.

Your PC
In my view you need a really good spec pc to run their base product TA (let alone TA Trader plus Market Hawk) otherwise you will be disappointed. In my own view if you don't have at least 1GB of memory plus at least a 2GHz processor forget it - you won't get the most out of the product or your free trial.

Even if you have a good PC spec. the product in my view contains too many bugs. To be fair to Updata they have improved the stability of the product over the past two years though problems remain. You may or may not hit them in your trial of the product - it depends on what features you use. I have logged a number of bugs / queries which have now been outstanding for a long time (months+++). For me the issue is that I am not sure when/if they will be fixed.

I actually find their front line telephone support pretty good at sorting general queries (non s/w bugs) over the phone. How they organise and prioritise bug fixes is unclear but it appears to be based on how many people squeal when they find a bug. Very little feedback on problems submitted / fixed.

In terms of features, I think it’s really good in terms of indicators, studies, overall functionality, flexibility and ease of use. Their P&F charts and tools are "probably" the best around.

Marketing Emails
Be prepared to be bombarded on an ongoing basis with emails promoting/selling their products (e.g. training courses) - I find this really annoying.

Potentially a great product but I'm starting to lack confidence in the above RT products because of the issues I have had and their general approach / commitment to sorting them.
Customer Disservice

I would have rated this zero if I could, purely on abysmal customer service.
Updata Technical Analyst

Well, where to begin with this one?

I've been using Updata TA on and off from the start. It has the best P&F I have seen in a software package, which is important to me, and the speed of use with the keypresses [simply PGUP/PGDN to scroll through chartlists, press a key to display an average on the screen].

When I first used it though, it was "buggy", there seemed to be resource issues despite the fact my machine was top spec (at the time, it's a bit in need of an upgrade now :( ), and it just felt generally clunky. I eventually and somewhat reluctantly gave up on it and switched to another product (SS).

Received a "Come back to Updata" mail at the start of the year, and thought I'd give it another try as I was really missing the P&F, and it didn't cost anything to install. I'm glad I did as the whole product seems to have improved by leaps and bounds. I now find it a joy to use, and all my previous issues have been cleared up. I would recommend it to anyone at this time.

Now all I need is for them to let me know the way the Market Tracker is calculated :D
Updata TA

I have used this software for a few months now. Before that I was on Metatstock, and before that Indexia. I am an experienced chartist. If you are not then Updata may be too sophisticated for you. Its scanning for patterns and indicators is the best I have seen. Point and Figure is tops and the scans for P&F very useful. I am still getting my head aroound the backtesting module and have only worked with Rsi so far. Its pretty amazing and can tell me what RSi period I should use and what the buy and sell conditions are !! It has changed how I read Rsi. It also does P&F backtesting but I haven't got into that yet.

It allows scheduling so I run a schedule which prints charts for me early each morning and evening. Old fashioned me likes printed charts.

It can do anything really but you must have Windows XP or 2000 to use it effectively. Something about 32bit I am told. I have seen complaints about support but all I can give is my experience. It could not be better - fast replies to emails - very helpful and knowledgable. The range of data you get for only £27 per month is amazing. Its almost too cheap. I follow Nasdaq New York as well as some Chinese stocks. Updata bashing is fashionable so I will be criticised for saying I like the software. I don't like all the emails I get, but that goes with the territory. Their courses sound good especially P&F which I will go on.

So to summarise, I don't think you can buy better for the price and features. Having looked at a lot of options after deciding to ditch Metastock, nothing came close. BUT, for serious chartists only. There's lots of others on offer if you are not.

I've used the program for the best part of a year so this is a user's review. I subscribe to the EOD version at around £27 per month.

Its a very wide ranging program and possibly tries too hard to please too many. I find the Biorythms facility bizarre and feel that it shows the author's uncritical approach to some of the features they chose to include.

On the plus side, the P&F charting tools are very good although there is room for improvement in describing how the price objectives are reached.

There is the opportunity to tweak most of the indicators which is handy and it is possible to speedily access a wealth of information about any stock.

The program likes XP and a lot of RAM and a broadband connection.

Help with the program both onscreen and off is poor and I've found it difficult to access the information I needed about aspects of its features.

Help with the program installation and updates was good and they were able to talk me through install problems and a rebuild after a HDD failure very well.

About 60% of the communications from the company revolve around selling places on their training courses which weigh in at around the £300 mark.

Sadly, their response to some technical queries has been to suggest that I go on another course.

I did subscribe to Sharescope before Updata and must say that I prefer Updata.

I think the codewriters need to revisit basic features and beef them up a bit but am happy to continue using the program for the time being.
"welcome back free two week trial"

got a letter from mr linton of updata,take our free trail,sign up within 14 days for £595+vat.

sounds good!!.

portfolio would not work.

any attemp to add ashare to quotescreen caused a total freeze of system needing a restart to cure.

tried to draw a tick chart of dow,caused a system freeze.

gave up in disgust,this free trail is meant as a "try and buy" show case of a much improved service.dismal.on this trail a total waste of money.
Performance is the main issue

Ive not tried many other packages so on that basis it seems pretty good. Its got loads of features, but if you try and run anything else with it (including a screen saver), the system just grinds to a halt.

I guess if I was to buying this I would build a PC specifically for its use. If you dont go for the Realtime feeds it is now £27 a month which doesnt seem to bad.

Another plus is that you can try the software out for free to see if you like it, some charge for a trial version or are very very limited.

On the support side of things, with me they have been great. They have been able to answer my questions quickly and always followed up asking if I had any other problems to contact them giving direct line numbers and stuff.
Not bad

I have used Updata since 1999, I have had loads of problems in the past, but in fairness they have improved several hundred % over the last 12 months, I notice members are having trouble with downloading and slow running, I must say I have no such problems, I am running Trader and TA I use windows 2k 1.2 athlon processor and 520 something ram.

I find that one has to practice to find out what the program can do, a instruction book would be nice but things at the moment are changing so fast.

yes, I have problems occasionally but it is not very often I ring the help desk, I find it easy to re download. ( in fairness, I am on broadband)

my opinion is, it was a poor starter in the early days but IMHO they have a good program.
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