Trend Following

Trend Following

Michael Covel
May 28, 2004
Prentice Hall
The first book to reveal the little-known strategy used by the world's most consistently successful traders!

How did trader, John W. Henry, start out as as a farmer and end up a billionaire and owner of, first the Florida Marlins and now, the Boston Red Sox? How do traders like Bill Dunn, Ed Seykota and Keith Campbell continually pull profits in the hundreds of millions from both bull and bear markets? The answer is that they are trend followers.

Trend following is the only strategy to consistently make money in the markets. Leading expert Michael Covel reveals the underground network of these little-known traders and hedge fund managers who have practiced trend following for years. He pulls back the veil on their strategies by introducing the basic concepts and techniques of trend following such as why the market price contains all the information a trader needs.

Covel rigorously reviews and analyzes years of detailed performance data to prove without question that trend following strategies including how to make volatility work; how to control risk; and how to make successful trading decisions "from the gut".

Covel shows why trend following is ideal for individual traders who manage their portfolios or for the individual investor searching for a new type of investment advisor.

Along the way he debunks an immense amount of misinformation/failed advice from pros who ought to know better.
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Very poor

A journalistic, self important book of very limited value. Readers will gain almost no insight into the mechanics of trend following.

Instead, try Curtis Faith's freely published methodology on how the Turtles used to trade. It's a hugely more useful document that will set you off on the right tracks.