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Mike is now declared BANKRUPT i hear through the well respected grapevine, so make your decisions on that :)
Good review

It is very good review.
It works for me

I keep hearing about people on this T2W forum knocking Mike and those at TT so today I thought I'd check it out and WOW...I did not expect to see all the bitter and twisted people out there having anonymous digs. All I can say is, I did the course, I follow the techniques and it works for me. I also know others who did the course with me who are now trading full time, applying what they learnt and making a success of it, it's taken a while to get there, but no one expects to make money without putting the time/work in.
I'm genuinely surprised at the actions and words of some people on this forum, especially as I recognise a few of the names - Mike and the team have been nothing but helpful and supportive over the year or so I've known them and I've learnt an incredible amount (I had never traded before doing the course).
I can only assume that Mike and TT's doubters are the ones I've met along the way who don't put the work in, the ones who log into the mentoring without a trade plan, the ones who don't listen to Mike's Sunday trading session, the ones who think they can make money without putting the time and the work in, the ones who hold a trade open close to news events etc (I could go on). I have met a few too many people like that over the past 12 months and it's a shame if you are now blaming Mike and TT for your own shortcomings.

Like I said, it works for me.
Total Joke.

Read this:

You'll laugh! You'll cry! What you won't do (unless you are an absolute moron) is go anyway near this company.
Wow!!! is all I can say, where has this been hiding?

Wow, this could turn you life around, see that seven year old Ford Focus in your drive, you'll replace it with a three year orld one in no time..No more holidays in the Costas for you it'll be the cheapest cabin on a Saga cruise being chased around the Indian ocean by Somalian pirates this time next year if you just follow the signals, you may even have enough left over to re-pave the patio. I'd just buy this now, before everyone finds the course and there's no places left...hurry..hurry!!
Thank you for all of your witty comments Good Morning Britain! Grow old with me The Best is yet to Be!

Thank you for all of your witty comments Good Morning Britain! Grow old with me The Best is yet to Be!

Some people are requesting that I correct my English, possibly I should say "the best is yet to come"
Lots of Scandals which appeared to be true

Lots of Scandals which appeared to be true, Slightly better than a joke!
well well well......

is not it well known

those who can-----do

those who can not----teach


and second

if you are so cleaver show your money


nonthe less such gurus go on luring naivity to pay for methods

to become rich

sorry but there is a simple question

why are you not rich youselves

and have to work teaching to make living?
some people are stupid enough to believe that

Some people are stupid enough to believe that so I'm giving it a 1
Holy Grail is here

No need to use your brain, no study or practice required, hit the jackpot from day one, no more losing trades - follow the bear !