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Share your ideas with the world and find out what others think. Embed your charts in any third-party website or forum. Instantly share your charts with anyone across the financial web and twitter. Get discovered by trading firms and other traders to attract bigger career opportunities and authority. Publish your charts with a single click, so others can comment and vote on them. Share your trading ideas however you want with flexible privacy settings. Connect your Twitter account with TradingView and tweet the charts with one click.

Social network for traders

Join the global community of traders, find ideas you like and expand your knowledge about the markets. Discuss ideas all over the world no matter where you are Learn from concrete ideas presented on charts and interact directly with their authors. Find new friends, fans and followers, or someone with new insights to follow. Get instant insights from other traders who view your ideas. See who has most popular market commentary.

Your personal charts anywhere

At home or on-the-go, view real-time market charts and your personal files when you need. Access your charts from any place with an Internet connection, 24/7. Free personal online chart cloud storage. Your charts are securely saved online with your changes. Works in any browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. No backups needed - we back up your work online in secure cloud storage. No need for powerful computers; our servers do all the hard work. Each chart has a unique link to share with friends and followers.

Most professional online charting

Free tools to help you express your ideas and analyze stock and forex charts. Desktop-quality charts in any browser around the world Elliott Waves, Moving Averages, MACD, Volume and other most popular indicators included. Clould computing takes care of all the calculations. Real-time tick by tick data Trend lines, Pitchforks, Fibonacci, Gann and other popular drawing tools. Social tools for marking up your charts to express your ideas (markers, arrows, balloons). Multiple timeframes for seeing short and long-term data.

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Best way to show what’s currently happening is to embed free real-time charts on your site – for free. Our widget allows you easily embed our charts into any web resource. Interactive charts on any page of your site. Free access to real-time stock data for your visitors.
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best platform there is. esignal comes close but costs 10x more
extended hours charting (NOT included in Pro Plus subscription price)

I really like TradingView charts, BUT they have deceptive practices on some of their offers. Ive been a Pro subscriber for almost 2 years, and I just upgraded to Pro Plus to have access to the new extended hours feature for charting. Now I find out that even with the upgrade, Pro Plus still just uses BATS data, so. I have to pay even more $$$ for real-time data in each market that I want to use with the extended hours feature. Yep, a feature thats offered for free on yahoo finance charts, I have to pay even more on top of my subscription in order to use. You have to pay a small monthly fee for each real-time market (NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC, futures, other countries, etc.). The US markets, not including futures, would be an extra $8/month. For all the other markets, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars (each month). But if you have an account with a CQG-powered broker, most of these real-time markets would be included. TradingView sure doesnt make that clear up front, that once you upgrade to Pro Plus you still have to pay even more to use the extended hours feature. You have to discover it yourself. I just updated their wikihow page with that info, but theyll probably delete it. But back to the charting they have some great chart drawing tools and tracking features. Just beware of occasional sleazy practices in their pricing. I upgraded to Pro Plus just to have access to more alerts and the extended-hours feature -- well I got more alerts, but I don't think that alone was worth the upgrade price. Good luck!
Top site!

Has continued to improve and if it continues in this vane will become the traders and chartists first choice website. And all this for free! Hard to beat.
Great program

Easy to use. Great charts. Many Indicators. Trading ETF's - prices are witin pennies when order placed with broker. Switched from monthly to yearly when they offered a year @ $179. Completely satisfied.
TradingView is becoming an excellent charting platform and social site for traders!

These are the people that do Multicharts. TradingView is very young but they've already come a long way. There is a lot of capability here and they enhance it constantly. It's HTML5 based so it runs anywhere in a browser. They are working on specific apps to make it even better on touch screen OS based devices. The charts are beautiful.

There's a free version that uses BATS exchange data and a Pro version for $9.95 that includes real time data from US stock exchanges. Futures data is daily only. Forex data is available. Worth a look!

Frequent disconnects, inaccurate data, pathetic "support". And that is only part of the picture.
They have some brown-nosing shills that post to their site and they scratch each others backs, but if you aren't into petty "office politics", avoid it like the plague.
Run, don't walk away from this big time-waster.