TradingSolutions is a technical analysis software package which combines traditional technical analysis with neural network technologies. It has the ability to learn patterns from historical data, allowing the user to create trading systems.
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Not for the faint hearted

TradingSolutions is a high end neural network, AI and tech' analysis software package.

It is highly complex and has a vertical learning curve. You should realistically expect it to take between 1-3 years before you find a consistent approach to profitable model construction.

The learning curve is difficult to climb because of the lack of customer support. One gets the feeling that NeuroDimensions policy is to sell you the product and then leave you to sink or swim. The attitude of the customer service staff leaves alot to be desired. There is an absence of decent add-ons to the base package and any that are release will tend to cost an arm and a leg.

I have experienced a myriad of bugs over the years, some which have resulted in significant losses.

The entry/exit and function editor is cumbersome to say the least. You can automate the platform by purchasing an SDK, however this SDK only allows you to READ from the application so basically it isn't possible to speed up the model development life-cycle by writing a script which will automatically decide which models to trade etc.

There are few tools to help one decide whether a model should be eliminated from one's portfolio so the NN functionality is definitely in a lead black box.

Having said all that it is possible build highly profitable model with this application but one has to pay the price in terms of time, money and patience.

Am I glad that I purchased it? hmmm...Not really! I should have purchased Tradecision or NeuroShell. When purchasing a complex application it is vital to have a good customer service desk to help you up the learning curve. The lasting impression that I will take from this experience is that some companies still have the opinion that the customer comes last and is there to get as much money out of as possible while delivering as little value as possible.
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