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The site doesn't work

All comments sound great, but the site doesn't work, ast least as for April 04th 2012.
tradingRAW is the best

I am a subscribed member of tradingRAW. Bano is definitely the real deal for anyone who wants to daytrade stocks. If you are looking for a consistent way to make profits trading in general, tradingRAW would be my FIRST recommendation among all other but then some people don't like brocolli or they might have too much baggage to trade a fresh way.
Trading made simple for confidence and consistency.

I am a new poster to Trade2Win and, yes, I did specifically
sign up for the purpose of reviewing Ive refrained from participating in this and other forums
like it because so often what should be helpful knowledge sharing among trading
peers quickly declines to mudslinging of insults and accusations that cloud
true content.

I believe what I have found since joining TradingRaw is
worthy of setting aside my forum ambivalence for my first post.

When I signed up with TradingRaw, I did so because what was
shared in some of the free Youtube videos was something I had not seen presented before. I believe one
other education oriented firm has a comparable product for $2,000. I suspect it
too is quality but at that price I will never know.

My $60 leap of faith investment in TradingRaw was quickly followed
with a full six-month membership.
Let me further tell you why.

I suspect most beginning day traders like myself begin with
a chart, drawing trend lines and triangles, as well as support and resistance
areas. We all begin looking
for breakouts and levels where we can have a tight stop or a chance at momentum. The trouble is, those methods notwithstanding
their scientific illusion, are not consistent enough to strengthen the traders
confidence. So we look further at
MACD, VWAP and a whole platforms worth of indicators.

The TradingRaw method doesnt use any of that. It doesnt even need the Level II and
if you choose to have a chart onscreen it would only be to see what happened
while you were at lunch.

Of course nothing is foolproof. It takes practice and discipline but can essentially be
learned in a weekend of video reviews combined with following the call outs and
discussion in the live chatroom.

Bano, the leader, will be in there saying See now that weve
seen the size at .62 clear and the bid step up, we know this is clearly a
strong stock that should see a dollar move from its opening price. Hold until then and try to add on any pullbacks.

If youre willing to risk a dime on a thousand shares for a
daytrade then risk $60 on
Im very happy I did.

Hi my name is Mario, and here is my testimonial about raw trading.

I've been a member since it began, back Nov 2010. I been trading since the begining. I been trading for 3 years now. I always look for an edge. I thought my edge was that I am a technical trader. I used all my chart with Ema's, momentum oscillator, and the volume bars. But by the time it was all setup the move was all ready in tacit. Well with tape reading skills you can tell before it even happens. And that is what you learn with raw trading.

As a trader I always felt that I was missing something. And now I found it. I just wan say THANK YOU TO BANO, and THANK YOU DEREK. For recommending me to raw trading. Best $200 I paid for my trading. After my 6 months I will sign up again 100%.

If you have any questions regarding raw trading, don't haste and page me.

Best of luck.

Focus Trading.
Not the typical tape reading structure, but still a useful one!

I've had the opportunity to go through's
website and their subscription services over a period of two weeks. TradingRAW
derives its name from the act of trading from "unprocessed and
unrefined" data. That is, by carefully analysing the behaviour of the
bid/ask prices, bid/ask sizes, and the final trade price individually and
congruently, TradingRAW acts to develop a traders edge. Note however,
TradingRAW does not require the use of the Level 2 screen. What follows is an
account of the entire journey as a member of

Upon logging in, the member is directed towards four
sections of the website: Content, Execution, Discipline, and Trading Videos.
Content discusses, in detail, how the trader is to develop a watchlist of
stocks for the trading day. Bano, owner of TradingRAW, provides a detailed
account of how pre-market news can be read as to provide the trader a list of
stocks that are most likely to trend for the day. In effect, Bano focuses on
stocks that are in-play; that is, stocks that have released some form of news
catalyst that could change peoples' perceived value of the stock but has yet to
be priced into the market through a lack of pre-market activity in the stock.
Bano labels this as a market inefficiency and hopes to exploit this
inefficiency during the trading day. Much of Bano's techniques of reading
through various news articles is thoroughly researched and provides a good way
to generate a watchlist for the trading day. However, one item to note here is
that Bano emphasizes that in response to the news catalyst, the stock must not
have generated large pre-market movement. This, in my opinion, limits the list
of potential trading stocks significantly. Large gap ups/downs due to excessive
pre-market activity can provide excellent opportunities for generating a list
of stocks. Perhaps the lack of any pre-market activity is not due to a change
in peoples' perceived value of a stock, but rather, peoples' lack of surprise
of the news catalyst. In other words, perhaps people had already priced in the
information over time as many traders expected the news. Irrespective of the
very few shortcomings, Bano does an excellent job in providing a new trader a
way to generate a watch list for the trading day. To ease the learning curve,
Bano also provides subscribers access to a list of stocks he is watching for
the day. This way, by going through the pre-market news, the trader will
eventually be able to find patterns in the way Bano selects his day-to-day stocks.

Perhaps the most detailed part of TradingRAW (and rightfully
so) is the section on Execution. In this section, Bano explains various
techniques in which traders can observe price action and the "raw
data" in an attempt to derive some meaning out of it. Bano lays the
fundamentals for new traders and provides various hints/techniques that a
trader should look out for in order to decide whether to enter or exit a trade.
To this end, Bano has provided some videos where he walks the trader through
the trades and the reasons for his entry/exits. The videos are of good help,
however, they may feel to move too fast for a new trader. If a trade goes
correctly and the price action continues to confirm, Bano will add to a
position. If, however, a trade does not do what it should be doing, Bano acts
to immediately close out. In his videos, Bano can be seen to be adding many
times to a trade, often ending with several thousand shares in any one
position. Naturally, this kind of trading does require a serious amount of
capital infusion, however, many new traders are encouraged to only trade small
position sizes whilst learning. Thus, one cannot expect or hope to expect to be
able to replicate the kind of monetary performance of Bano in his trading
videos at start. This is a system that requires many thousands of hours of
screen time of learning and, most likely, capital losses during the learning
curve. Bano does not use any hard and fast stop levels or specific entry points
based on technicals. When momentum shifts in and out of his favour, Bano reacts
accordingly and scales in/out of his position. Thus, a trader who hopes to
achieve any form of success with this method needs to exhibit an extreme sense
of discipline and willingness to stick through the initial capital losses as
he/she develops a feel for the tape. Furthermore, Bano also advises new traders
to stay away from high volatility, high spread stocks as reading price action
on those can be difficult.

The section on Discipline provides a good summary of ways in
which new traders can develop the skills necessary in order to achieve success
over time. However, much of this information can be found online, free of
charge. The section on Trading Videos provides a library of videos that capture
Bano's screen while trading. Bano then overlays the videos with speech and
guides the trader through the trades he takes. The videos reinforce much of
what Bano states in the Execution section and by continuously watching, the
trader can identify patterns which lead Bano to enter and exit his trades. One
drawback to these videos is that in many videos, Bano can be seen managing more than one
position, which can be overwhelming to new traders who wish to focus on just
one stock at any given time.

Much of TradingRAW's system is based on the trader
developing an inherent feel for reading price action. With respect to quality,
performance and reliability, TradingRAW's system is good. Much of the
techniques Bano prescribes can and do work if used correctly with discipline.
Bano outlines various techniques traders can use by observing price behaviour
and shows them in action in his trading videos. With respect to Ease of Use,
traders may find Bano's system difficult to adjust to. Stops are not used and
technical analysis is kept to a bare minimum, with the only emphasis being on
price action and reacting accordingly. Since many traders are accustomed to
traditional ways of trading, they may find the learning curve quite steep.
Thus, the onus is on the trader to determine whether or not this style of
trading will work for them. The trader must be prepared to invest several
hundreds of hours in screen time in order to develop the tape reading skills
required to trade successfully at TradingRAW. Bano also offers members to
access his Skype trading room where he mentions stocks he is watching and chats
to other traders. I haven't had the opportunity to attend the room so cannot
provide an accurate review of the experience.

Overall, the subscription to TradingRAW offers a good value
for money.

My rating: 7.7/10
best thing ever to happen to my trading

Hey t2w,

Im a new member here at t2w, but have been trading for 3 years now. I've always been looking for ways to improve my trading and i can honestly say im lucky enough that i found bano and tradingRaw through watching some videos of his trading posted online. Bano has taught me so much in the few short weeks that im not sure i would of learned on my own. His content and strategy are proven to work, day in and day out. For the price i paid, it was a steal for what i learned and i am absolutely grateful. The service provided was excellent and and questions i had were answered. Very helpful and i couldn't be happier.

What i learned from tradingRaw instantly helped my trading and i made what i paid for the service with my first trade.

For those who are serious about improving their trading will understand that any information or edge you have in the market is huge and the skills and knowledge that TradingRaw has provided to me is priceless.

i rate it 10/10! best investment for my trading career!

i have also provided proof that i am a paid member with my receipt, not sure how to post it , but i really want to see TradingRaw grow as they have helped me tremendously with my trading profitability.
Tape Reading Skills + content selection = Real Deal

I'm a member of group, and would like to attest that his trading skill top notch! How many times I've seen posts where ppl want to sit behind a shoulder of experienced, constantly profitable trader? Well, this is as good as it gets! Bano makes money day in and day out using his skills that are not hard to learn. He also posted 30 days of trading videos on youtube.
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