Trading Systems

Trading Systems

Joe Krutsinger
Jan 1, 1997
The best from the best - systems for trading from some of today's most prominent market masters!

For color, flair, and nerves of steel, high-wire acts have nothing on professional traders. These men and women trade for a living - often a very good one. And every one of them uses a system.

If you want to learn these market beaters' systems, you've come to the right place. In this book, you will find their tactics, their stories, and their wisdom - and actual Trade Station-ready code for systems used by trading giants. They tell you in their own words:

- How their best systems work
- The key components in their top systems
- What sets their system apart
- The inspiration for their trading systems
- The time frames they use
- Whether drawdowns matter
- How they evaluate systems
- A one-sentence 'secret of their fortune'
- What they like most (and least) to trade
- The books that have most influenced them
- Their opinions on other top-notch systems

No matter what you trade - futures, options, indexes, stocks, currencies, or bonds - this book might just improve your chances to make money in the markets.

Stop trading haphazardly - and start trading systematically!
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