Trading for a Living

Trading for a Living

Alexander Elder and Alexander Elder
Jan 1, 1993
John Wiley & Sons
Successful trading is based on three M's: Mind, Method and Money.

Trading for a Living helps you master all of those three areas. It shows you:

How to become a cool, calm, and collected trader.
How to profit from reading the behaviour of the market crowd.
How to use a computer to find good trades.
How to develop a powerful trading system.
How to find the trades with the best odds for success.
How to find entry and exit points, set stops and take profits.

You will see that the key to winning is inside your mind. You will find out how to develop discipline and how to avoid the traps of emotional trading. With this book, you are on your way to mastering a new way of trading stocks, futures, currencies, and options. Dr. Elder helps you embark on an intense pursuit - trading for a living.
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I can't believe forex trading helps me get a Ferrari. It's really easy and you can earn a lots in no time.
A Terrific Book

Trading for a Living helps you discipline your Mind, shows you the Methods for trading the markets, and shows you how to manage Money in your trading accounts so that no string of losses can kick you out of the game. Its a really good book.
If you could buy only one book on trading, this should be it.

Easily one of the top 3 trading books out there. Despite the fact that it was released in the early 90's, its content preserves its relevance to modern financial markets. It dispels false trading myths and preconceptions, and sets the foundation for strong money management and trading tactics. This book is primarily intended for novice and intermediate traders.
Also read come into my trading room

These are v sound beginner books.

Trading is a slow process that takes time. Unfortunately many try to make a million from a 5K account. This book, a must for a newbie, tells you not to. The great thing is YOU WILL. THATS WHAT TRADING IS ALL ABOUT. Control your mind, slowly develope a method and get an EDGE. Very hard thing to do - and this book takes you through one man`s journey to do the same.

Theere is al ot more to trading and technical analysis than is shown in this book. No matter. If you are new to trading it will show you how trading should be done, at least initially. Then you develope, just like the author has...but you find your own way.

His other book is also good.
Great book!!!

Great book!!! highly recommended, one of the few top trading books in may large library on trading. Not much original still a great book.