Trading Day by Day

Trading Day by Day

Chick Goslin
Nov 1, 2003
California Publishing Co
Once you read Trading Day by Day you will never look at trading in the same way again. Truly unique, this book has everything you will ever need to be a competitive trader in any market, at any time: a perfect synthesis of approach and method, philosophy and practicality, theory and reality.

Discover for yourself:

- The three natural laws of trading
- The right approach and method
- A sound mathematical system
- The "spike" rule
- The "mistake" rule
- Divergences
- Relative strength
- The truth about options
- Detailed money management rules
- Over a hundred "real-time", day-by-day chart examples (with comprehensive commentaries) that demonstrate how to apply theory to reality

No one can guarantee profits, but anyone following the advice, rules and guidelines laid out in this extraordinary book will instantly become a confident, professional-level trader. (Trading Day by Day is about futures trading, but its approach and method are applicable to stocks as well - and while it focuses on trading, investors will also benefit from its wisdom.)
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Good book

I liked it, it taught me some new angles.
well written, eminently readable

an excellent book, all about trading with the probabilities in your favour, rather than against you. I'm sure any trader from beginner thru to experienced trader will take something useful from this book - recommended reading IMO

also reviewed extensively at this thread - over 500 posts to wade through though!