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As I see and practice it, the role of a coach is to support, motivate and encourage you to achieve what you are capable of as a trader and to help you continue expanding your horizons of success. A coach becomes a trading confidante, somebody you can trust, who is there to reflect back to you, in a non judgmental way, what you already know to be true but sometimes need reminding of. A coach helps nurture and develop your positive self image as a trader and holds this as a reference for you as your confidence and performance improve. A coach can also be your companion and guide, as required, through the many pitfalls of trading.

Trading successfully is primarily about the quality of thinking and self discipline you bring to the markets. As you gain clarity and perspective on what makes you lose, so you become aware of the thinking patterns of the other losers and are increasingly able to execute against them. It is crucial to understand how you create and structure your beliefs about trading and why you come to see and think in the way that you do as it is ultimately your beliefs that you are trading against the beliefs of other market participants.

I can help you clarify and understand your own beliefs about the market and assist you in working out the most effective ways of achieving what you want. I work with traders both short term and ongoing but a typical initial session usually includes the following:-

- acceptance and understanding of where you are as a trader
- clarification of your trading rationale,aspirations and goals
- review of your existing approach/methodology
- focussed attention on your presenting trading issues and difficulties
- exploration of your decision making processes
- suggestions for contextualising change
- development of a specific set of criteria to facilitate your improved performance

Following on, as required, I am available either in person or on the phone by arrangement.

Ultimately trading success represents a facet of your own inner longing for self expression and is shaped by ongoing, rigorous self enquiry and the market´s brutal honesty. It is an intensely personal journey and only you know where you fit and what form this will take.
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