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TRADERS´ is a financial markets publisher specialising in education in the broader fields of trading and stock markets. Founded in 2001, Lothar Albert is CEO of TRADERS´ media GmbH and chief editor of TRADERS´ magazine. TRADERS´ Magazine is published in German (print), Spanish (online), Greek (online), Italy (print and online) every month and in English (print and online), which is published every other month at the retailer WH Smith in the UK. For four years in a row, 2004-2007, TRADERS´ has been awarded the title of World’s Best Magazine for Traders by Trade2Win, an international community of traders.

In the last few years TRADERS´ magazine has established itself as THE information and communications platform for the trading elite. The latest information regarding technical analysis, mathematical and psychological aspects of the markets is presented each month through articles and interviews. The profession investor can continue to sharpen their skills and knowledge base and stay current with developments in the world of trading. In Great Britain, TRADERS´ has repeatedly been voted the 'Best Magazine for TRADERS´, and the German edition has become a unique fixture as a niche journal among financial publications.

TRADERS´ distinguishes itself from other financial journals in that we make no trading recommendations or buy and sell suggestions. TRADERS´ objective is to provide a basis for building and honing the TRADERS´ knowledge base, from beginner to professional level. Topics run the gamut from Day Trading, Swing Trading to (but not limited to) Position Trading. TRADERS´ covers all markets and investment instruments: Shares, options, forex, futures, certificates, bonds, single stock futures, CFDs and much more.

Because of its versatility, professionalism and timeliness, TRADERS´ is the perfect guide for those looking to become professional traders and for those who have already joined their ranks, regardless which investment timeframe, market or vehicle you prefer. It is not without reason that TRADERS´ magazine is known as “Your personal trading coach.”

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Traders is back as printed magazine

Did anyone already see the newest issue of Traders? It is aprinted now and one can buy it at WHSmith...
I love this magazine!

I love this magazine, they have great tips, informative reviews and very good articles on successful traders.
A very useful read.

I think this is a great magazine with great tips and at times tailered codes for Metastock and other trading software. Has great interview with succesful traders and there ways of thinking. A wealth of USEFUL information and comes away from the daily "what's happening in the markets and where it's heading" info.
good uk specific trader mag

nice and localised magazine for uk traders. i've been reading Traders' on and off for since early 2004, think its about time I subscribed. Has some good interviews and interesting reviews.

***UPDATE***: I was rather surprised and dissappointed that Trader's acted as a shill for VantagePoint from Market Technologies with their review in the last issue. If they had done their research properly with even a glance through actual user experiences here on T2W they would have seen that this software is probably the biggest and longest running scam going. Instead they published the manufacturers figures claiming upwards of 70% accuracy for the "Neural Index" which is nothing short of shoddy and misleading journalism and gives unwarranted credibility to VantagePoint. I have slashed my rating for this mag as a result.

I have now completed my first subscription of nine issues to traders-mag [£30] and have been sufficiently interested to sign up for another 12 issues [£45].

the subscriptions office have been on the ball on all occasions when I have rung. also after both subs renewals, I received a letter of confirmation stating my fee and subsciption period. with current subscriptions, you can opt to receive one of a number of books on offer.

as mentioned in previous reviews, the mag is divided clearly into sections. The basics and people [interview] sections have been of particular interest to me as a relative newcomer. many new products are also reviewed.

I have experimented using a simple system from a recent article identifying trade entry points. [1-2-3 with stochastics], which has been reasonably successful.

the only real criticism I have is the retail price [£5/issue] which makes me feel as though they're trying it on with the UK trading community. I can [and do] get TASC shipped from the US for not much over £38 for 12 issues.

you can reduce this with a subscription at the moment, but each successive offer pushes the price more toward £5 [no way, traders-mag!]. latest offer is £48 for 12 issues, plus a book.

conclusion ?
fairly satisfied at the moment, but watching that price, TM !
Traders Mag

A fair mag,

Each issue is divided into four sections:
- tools
- strategies
- basics
- people

Its main strength would be the articles on successful traders, though the middle sections can have some good articles.
Traders magazine

Hello everyone,

Just thought Id give you my thoughts re Traders magazine. I took out a subscription and really look forward to it arriving. Im a relative newbie so find most of the articles very thought provoking, although I do think if you've been there and got the t-shirt there might be a feeling of going over old ground!!!

For me the best bits are the interviews with successful traders, and hearing that they to,have made some pretty bad mistakes (and still do). Interesting though that none of them would change what they do for a living!!

Lots of adverts, which may or may not be a bad thing but I do find that to read it cover to cover and digest it takes some time and therefore for me its good value
Traders Mag


I have just taken out a subscription to Traders' magazine after buying the first six issues.

As a newbie I really enjoyed it.

As it's a new magazine it does have a lot of ads but come on give it a chance you guys!

It has some interesting articles and I'm picking a few things up which I find useful.

It used to be bi-monthly, but it is changing to monthly.

You could do worse than take out a sub for it.

Look forward to my next issue.

I for one think it's GREAT!

Badd Boi.
Traders' Mag

A bit of a mixed bag here,

there are (occasionally) some quite thought provoking articles, but I doubt I'm the only one worried about the impartiality - there seem to be a lot of articles in there from advertisers! Did I misread it, or did Clem Chambers of ADVFN - a big advertiser, actually say TA was a load of rubbish an issue or two back? (Random walk). I suppose the editor would claim that's thought provoking and displaying an unbiased hands off policy, personally I doubt that would have made it past the janitor without an advertising budget to back it up. Like buses you wait for ages then 10 copies appear at once - I subscribed and have had anything from zero to three copies each time around.

Overall it's of interest, but I doubt I'll subscribe again - journalistically (my view) it's too close to the advertisers, and I want the sole criterion in an investing mag to be 'make Dave rich'.

Traders Magazine

Some interesting and thought-provoking articles (occasionally provoking enough to shout "no, no, that's a load of ..." in response).

I wouldn't swear to it, but it seems to me that several of the articles are localised retreads of articles published in Active Trader. If they're not officially, there's been some remarkable similarities.

It's got a way to go before it can compete with either TASC or Active Trader - still quite superficial on some of the articles and very thin magazine in comparison as well. If you're paying for it, rather than getting a free sub, I think your money would be better spent elsewhere - the VfM rating reflects this - obviously the score would be somewhat higher if it's free.

Conversely, it does at least realise the UK market exists, which neither Active Trader nor TASC do.