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Since 2006, we have operated Traders Laboratory mainly through the contribution of our members. We provide a powerful online financial network where you can find traders from around the world discussing on numerous forums related to the financial markets.

Traders Laboratory provides a clean and respectable environment for quality trading education featuring a Discussion Forum, Broker & Vendor Reviews, Trading Videos, Live Chat Room, and Trading Blogs. The numerous forums on the portal support discussion about various topics related to trading from Technical Analysis to Trading Psychology where individuals discuss and learn how to tackle emotions like fear and greed.

Our strong team of moderators ensures that the integrity of the portal and respect of the members is maintained to provide a comfortable and quality environment for traders.
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Unable to Join

From what I can see the sight may be very interesting. Unfortunately the sight reCAPTCHA security check does not work and you subsequently can neither join or leave feedback about the problem as of Sept 30, 2018. There is a message on the front page that they are migrating to a new server, so perhaps this is the problem, or perhaps they closed up shop. Any feed back would be appreciated. A 2 until fixed or at least verified still in existence.