T2W is a leading community web site for active traders who aim to profit from the world’s financial markets in the short term; ranging from a few minutes through to a few months. Investors who aim to profit from the markets over the longer term, i.e. anything from many months to years - are very welcome, but please be aware that this is not the focus of this site or that of its members.

The aim of T2W is simple, we want to unite and support active traders across the globe. To this end we provide a range of facilities that enable our members to communicate with one another, share their knowledge and express their views. Furthermore, we seek to provide educational and thought provoking content to help better educate our members in their trading lives.
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Well, why not?

It has its problems, that's for sure. But there are a lot of worse things in this tired old world, and it has a strange charm that it is distinctly its own. Plus there are some wonderful characters about, and eccentricity is tolerated much more easily here than in most places. I suppose I just like it really, and that's enough for me.

So what the hell, 10 out of 10.
A shadow of its former self.

A few years ago I would have rated trade2win higher but due to understaffing (250K members and only 2 moderators) and inconsistent moderating the site offers very little quality content in proportion to the amount being posted. The only thing that has increased is the number of multi-nics and reinstated members who were banned for offences that would have once resulted in a permanent ban. The only content worth reading was posted prior to Oct 12, 2007.
Was once an educational source for aspiring traders

Started with good intentions a few years ago but , nowadays, if you are a new trader, seeking useful information, you are obliged to sift through the mounting avalance of troll garbage. There are a couple of informative and educational threads plus a few older threads worth reading. Apart from that the site is scarred by the activities of a growing army of trolls and their juvenile imitators. Advertising revenue is probably up though.
T2W works for me...........

hey all

no-one and nothing in life is perfect !

however T2W team have always been fair with me as both a reader and contributor and I think they carry it off pretty well

If you deal with any other big Forex Forums you will know what I mean regarding above comments

and you can learn as much from the Trolls as from the "Experts" ...the Forums are a literal Goldmine of Trading psychology and information - Good and Bad ! for me (as long as I dont get banned !)

Does what it says on the tin

Been a member since 2003 and much of my trading career has been formed around the information and knowledge I have shared with users on this site.

yes you all are absolutely right. i realy impressed to t2w . i found here more informaion about forex , forex broker , analysis and reviews also. thanks a lot t2w.
Great value for money, so good they won't do any half price offers.

Pity about the high troll noise to sensible signal ratio, but you soon learn to pity the trolls who, if they had any sense, would be watching internet porn rather than posting their graffiti on such a good site.
Best trading site in this particular universe and great value for the membership fee.
Simple and straightforward

I love that it is easy to get around and no bombardment of ads. It is simple, yet you find what you need.
Prevents excessive friction burns.

I trade mainly during the US session and I absolutely love T2W. It gives me something to do in the mornings, otherwise I'd just be jerking off and watching Trisha.

Thanks T2W!
Worth the effort to separate the gold from the dross

There are many very smart people here who sincerely try to help answer questions and provide insights into trading strategies. You will meet many good correspondents.

It is frequently difficult to tolerate the trolls. But what can be learned, even from them as you attempt to answer them, make it ultimately worth the effort.

Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.