Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom

Van K. Tharp
Jan 1, 1999
McGraw-Hill Professional
In 'Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom,' world-renowned traders coach Dr. Van Tharp explains that the Holy Grail is NOT a mysterious trading system that delivers incredible trading profits with little or no risk. Just as there is not a single 'best' way to play golf, there are no universal strategies that will work for all traders.

Instead, Dr. Tharp's research shows that the secret is different for each trader, and can be uncovered quickly and plugged into every trading program with surprisingly little effort. In this performance-directed book, Dr. Tharp shows how the interplay of an investor's style, goals, and personality - in combination with a carefully designed and tested system - ultimately determines true success.

As a result, 'Trade You Way to Financial Freedom,' is filled with the kind of information that will help virtually all traders and investors substantially increase their income. Dr. Tharp covers it all.

The psychological biases against good system development
Ingenious concepts of orderliness that help you accurately predict turning points in the market - and work them to your advantage.
Expectancy and position sizing - the most important, yet least understood, aspects of profitable trading
Stock and futures trading models - from Warren Buffett to Perry Kaufman - that examine setups used by the masters
Positions sizing variables, and how to use them consistently carve out the optimal profits.
A free website to let you practice your new trading skills without risk, develop plans, and even compete against other traders!
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This is simply the best trading book on the market. And I've read many. It's not for traders looking for a quick and easy road to riches. But if you're serious about trading and are prepared to put in the time and effort then this book gives you a good practical framework to build on and grow into a great trader. It tells it like it is and not like many lazy traders want to hear. It will need to be read many times over. I've found every single paragraph contains gems and none should be overlooked. Another reason for reading the book is that Van Tharp's training courses are very expensive and quite frankly unnecessary when you've read his books. Sorry Van!
Good starting point - a must for every aspiring trader

I read it years ago and still check it out from time to time. It's a must for every serious beginner, but more advanced traders may find it useful too.

Highly recommended.

interesting but i still prefer the book "Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude" by Mark Douglas.
Necessary Read

Every morsel of information I learn helps me become a better trader and this book is full of info that I consumed.
despite a flashy title, it has valuable content

this book showed me why i was a looser before and helped me develope my own trading system and now i am profitable
Excellent book

Everything Van Tharp writes in the book applies to all succesful traders.A must read for all new traders looking for knowledge about developing their own trading systems
Good Value

This is not a book to skim through and hope for a few good tips. In fact the writing style makes it harder work than it could be. Its value for me came from re-reading sections over about 18 months and really trying to apply the information to my trading and trading system. Only bother if your very serious about your trading.
Solid content

Everyone gets the same markets, but results differ massively. Conventional thinking says the winners have or know "something" about the markets that the losers don't, but the reality is that the differences are inside of them. Fundamental or technical, this book will definitely help - the practical implementation of proper position sizing alone regardless of trading style is easily worth the time/effort/cost of the book.

This is a very good book and one I read almost every year. It's simplistic style belies the fact that it contains some absolutely critical concepts if you want to trade full time.

Required Reading

I've read this book a couple of times now, and the importance of the content is gradually soaking in. This book won't tell you how to get rich quick, but it will either make you look at the system you trade in a different light, or if you're still working on one, it will help you develop a system that really suits you.

As ever Van Tharp's focus is also on you as well as what you trade, and this book is all about how to find a system that suits your own individual needs.

Doesn't matter if you're new to trading, or think you know it all. You need to read this book. I know I did, and it's made me look at a lot of my trading in a whole new light.