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Thinkorswim going downhill

TOS is now closing UK based accounts. It is also picky on other European Union Countries that it deems (by its own rules) to be"worthy" of residents trading with them. I have been trading since 2008, and was impressed with TOS initially. However since being taken over by TD Ameritrade they have definitley lost their way and become an impersonal "large company" in attitude. Their platform has not changed much at all since 2008 - TD Ameritrade seem to be just milking the original concept.
Thinkorswim Closing UK Accounts

I've been with Thinkorswim since early 2008 and while good initially, as soon as they were taken over by TD Ameritrade, they started to go downhill rapidly. What was a good platform became extremely flakey and over-engineered. New software releases saw standard studies like Bollinger bands get changed or renamed, existing study sets being lost or causing crashes, or the platform becoming completely unusable whenever the market was a little bit fast like at the market open.

While things have improved recently, their cretinous support seem to have become more stupid by a large number of IQ points, who seem incapable of reading and understanding English written in an email.

Now, Thinkorswim have decided to close accounts for UK residents, regardless of how long those accounts have been with them. This is yet another example of how poor their customer service has become since being bought out.

A once great little broker, that was eaten up by TD Ameritrade and are now a shadow of their former self.
A feature rich platform with excellent fills with options.

I trade index options credit spreads and Forex exclusively with this platform. I have not experienced any difficulties getting my fills.

With any feature-rich platform, there are sometimes glitches with new releases. TOS had to withdraw a release recently for the first time in several years.

I've received good quality and prompt technical support for my queries. Not always the answer I wished to hear, but that is not a promptness or quality issue.

I am concerned about the consequences of the merger with TD Ameritrade. On three occasions with three different requests I was told that my request was either on hold pending integration. On one especially important to me (a FOX account) I was told it was unlikely that this would be provided in the future so I should not waste my time on development.
TOS = POS Run away from them as fast as you can

What a piece of crap. This is the worst platform I've ever used, and I've been trading for over 25 years. I cringe when I see an update, because I know two things: the market will move, and TOS will not work properly for at least three days. This is not new. The past two updates have been disasters. Today, at precisely 8:30AM EST (when a boat load of numbers were to be released) their system crashed again. Tech Support is worthless, and after an hour they sent out a message that their charts were screwed up. No news here.

If I had it to do all over again, I would have never gotten hooked up with these losers. Can't wait for my Ninja Trader paperwork to be completed.

Run away from TOS. You will regret trying to trade on their platform.